Shanti Sarovar - Raipur


Shanti Sarovar- Raipur

The retreat centre of Shanti Sarovar in Raipur, the capital city of Chhattisgarh state in central India, came to existence in 1994. True to its name, which means lake of peace, Shanti Sarovar is a place where peace is realised easily. People come here to gain new insights into the self and enjoy

Shanti Sarovar – Hyderabad


Shanti Sarovar-Hyderabad

An oasis of peace in the happening city of Hyderabad, Shanti Sarovar is a perfect place to relax, refresh and recharge the soul. As an academy for higher learning of values and spiritual skills, it conducts a wide spectrum of courses, retreats, sem

Om Shanti Retreat Centre


Om Shanti Retreat Centre

The Om Shanti Retreat Centre (ORC) is a unique learning centre that provides higher education in the art of living as well as training in Rajyoga, the highest form of yoga.

The 28-acre complex is situated in peaceful, sylvan surroundings 70 kilometres from the hustle and bustle of the national capital, New Delhi, in Gurgaon district of Haryana.

The courses, s

Global Hospital and Research Centre

Western Rajasthan is one of the least privileged areas of India. Much of it is desert, water is in short supply and the literacy rate is low. The majority of the population is deprived of basic health services. This situation began to change in 1990 in the district of Sirohi (where Mount Abu is located) with the establishment of the J Watumull Memorial Global Hospital and Research Centre (GHRC) by the Brahma Kumaris. Designed to provide high-quality, modern, holistic healthcare services in a tranquil, rural environment, the hospital is managed and run by a charitable trust established and supp

Peace Park


A place to experience Peace.

The Brahma Kumaris Peace Park is both lovely and serene; a natural environment where silence and recreation co-exist. The park is nestled between two peaks of the Aravali hills -- Guru Shikhar and Achal Garh – that are popular places of pilgrimage.

The park is an oasis of natural beauty about eight kilometres from the Brahma Kumaris headquarters in Mount Abu



Forest of Peace

Six kilometres from Abu Road on the road to Mount Abu, on your left you can see a magnificent complex known as Shantivan. Built to accommodate the ever-growing Brahma Kumaris community and its spiritual activities, the complex provides a spacious venue for conferences, spiritual congregations and educational and other retreats.

The main attraction of Shantivan is the massive

Gyan Sarovar


Lake Of Knowledge

The Brahma Kumaris started building the campus for the Academy for a Better World, an institution of higher learning established by the Brahma Kumaris along with its sister institution, the World Renewal Spiritual Trust, and Rajyoga Education and Research Foundation, in 1991. The aim was to provide a training facility for the institution’s outreach to all sections of society. Within a f



Forest of Honey

In the north of India, the Aravali Mountains rise from the parched desert plains of Rajasthan. Chief among them is Mount Abu. In ancient texts and folklore, Abu is praised as a holy place, and is associated with the names of sages and seers. Even today, numerous temples and hermitages are to be found in the area. Many former Rajput kings built their palaces and summer homes -- sev