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Courses Offered

Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya offers foundation courses in meditation through each of its centres spread across the world. At the heart of the course is a clear understanding of the relationship between spirit and matter, mind and body, and the interplay between the soul, God and the material world. The course enlightens people on spiritual themes and lead to self development and inner transformation so that one feels enthusiasm and attains happiness in life in all situations.

Apart from the basic course in meditation , the institution offers following courses in places like hospitals, schools, prisons, business and industry, etc for the benefit of the society in the spirit of social service. These courses encourage positive values, offer a fresh vision of future and strive to bring out the best in the people.

  •  Self-Management Leadership
  •  Stress Management 
  •  Living Values
  •  Positive Thinking
  •  Mind Management
  •  Relationship Management
  •  Self-Empowerment
  •  Developing Concentration Power
  •  Increasing Memory Power
  •  Increasing Self Esteem
  •  Exploring Eight Inner Powers
  •  Developing Positive Attitude
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