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Wing Objectives: 

To provide training and refresher courses for educators which will enable the spiritual empowerment of the educators themselves as well as their students.

To support dedicated, devoted educators in being inspiring and effective role models.

To give moral and spiritual education as well as instruction in Rajyoga meditation to teachers in various schools and colleges.

To strengthen confidence, courage and commitment to value-based education and other innovative, uplifting educational measures.

To re-establish, through education and research, a society based on spiritual, moral and human values.

To remove ignorance, superstition, and social evils through spiritual education.

To raise awareness through education and counselling about the negative effects of alcohol, drugs and tobacco.

Views and Perspectives:

From ancient times, education has been a powerful tool to help an individual realise his or her full potential and grow into a well rounded, cultured human being capable of making a worthwhile contribution to society. Today's educational system, however, more often than not merely equips the students with the skills and information required for earning a livelihood. It offers knowledge about that which is transitory and ephemeral as if it were everlasting. It can fall short in building character and instilling moral values, because not all educators are themselves ideal role models able to behave with good character and self-mastery. As a result, young people today lack self-control, emotional maturity and moral strength. Experiencing a profound inner emptiness, they are attracted to drugs, alcohol, promiscuity, destructive activity, violence and other anti-social behaviour. The standard of morality in society now exhibits a downward trend that is very challenging to reverse.

The Education Wing is meeting this challenge by promoting value-based education, for Wing members believe that education can play a vital role in creating a better world only when it is value-based.

The Wing organises campaigns, fairs and annual conferences, as well as dialogues and seminars on current issues within the field of education to promote value-based education. It has also developed a syllabus and curriculum for values training, and Wing members conduct teacher training courses based on this curriculum both at BK headquarters and elsewhere. The Wing also organises annual Personality Development Camps for children Politician Wing

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