om mandali

A Spiritual Gathering

Following the visions, Dada started sharing spiritual knowledge with his friends and relatives. When he told them that they were souls, they felt great joy, experiencing God’s love as it poured from Dada’s eyes. As others came in contact with him, they became transfixed. Men and women, rich and poor, all had this experience. As if the light of their life had been lit, they became self-aware. They experienced themselves as light. Along with this came peace of mind. Their desires and vices dropped away. Their lifestyle and behaviour changed. In a remarkably short time, the lives of all who came close to him were transformed. Thus started a unique spiritual gathering by the name of Om Mandli.

In a short time, word spread and more and more people started attending the gatherings. The men, women and children who came received visions of deities, paradise, destruction of the world and of God as a point of light. They thought Dada was the source of these experiences. Even Dada Lekhraj at first wondered how these visions came about. Only later did it become clear as to who was behind these “miracles”. Everyone gradually comprehended that Dada was merely an instrument for carrying out the task of world transformation.