11th ​ SpARC Wing (SIR) Conference : Gyan Sarovar

11th ​ SpARC Wing (SIR) Conference : Gyan Sarovar

11th ​ SpARC Wing (SIR) Conference : Gyan Sarovar 

11th Spirituality In Researchers Conference and Meditation Retreat on “Inner Resilience to Outer Agility ”


The above Conference was inaugurated on Friday the 15th Sept. 2017 at 5.30 pm in Harmony Hall, Gyan Sarovar, Mt Abu. About 650 Delegates from India and Nepal, comprising Politicians, Vice Chancellors, Chartered Accountants, Chairmen, Directors of Organisations, Professors, Scientists, PhDs, Deans, Registrars, Medical Doctors, Research Scholars, etc., were present.


The session started with a Welcome dance by BK Laher, Ambernath, followed by a Welcome song by BK Halder of Madhuban.The theme of the conference formed the basis for both these events.


BK AlkaZonal Co-ordinator, SpARC, Mumbai welcomed the Dignitaries on dais and the delegates from all over the country, for having made it to the conference.


BK Sanjay, ​Faculty, SpARC ​ Wing​, Gyan Sarovar, briefed about the spiritual service activities that BKs have been rendering throughout the world for the past 80 years and also that of SpARC Wing.


BK Kanishk of SRF, INMAS, DRDO & Dr Rajesh Sherawat of Indian Spine Injuries Centre, New Delhi spoke about SpARC R&D programme and how the effect of thought waves influence the well-being of patients and healthy people and was proved with the aid of scientific gadgets.  It was also mentioned that with meditation, the quality of personal, family, professional and social life had improved.


BK Ambika, Chairperson, SpARC Wing briefly explained the purpose of the conference and appealed to the researchers of every discipline to associate with Brahma Kumaris in spiritual research, for the ultimate benefit of mankind, eliminate the sufferings by transcending the limited thinking process and specially try to bring back India’s lost glory.


For the benefit of the delegates, a short video clip of the founder and Ex-Chairperson of SpARC Wing Late Rajyogi BK Ramesh N Shah’s vision about SpARC Wing and excerpts of his messages conveyed during the previous conferences was beamed.


Rajyogi BK Nirwair, Secretary General, Brahma Kumaris, Mount Abu via video conference, congratulated for hosting the conference.  He listed the problems faced due to natural calamities, technological advancement notwithstanding. To safeguard against loss of lives and properties, he felt that spirituality needed to be explored and fervently hoped that researchers would find time for silence, reflection, imagination and meditation.


Rajyogi Mruthyunjay, Executive SecretaryBrahma Kumaris, spoke about the current global scenario and how spiritual knowledge of BKs could be a solution.  He lamented that despite long years of research, the desire of all human beings to lead a peaceful, healthy, wealthy and happy life is still elusive.  He felt solution to eradicate all problems lies with spirituality to which history is also a witness.  He also stressed the need for researchers to become spiritual and vice-versa and inculcate values.


Chief Guest Shri M Shashidhar Reddy, former Vice Chairman, NDMA, Govt. of India New Delhi said that he was indebted to the BK sisters for remembering the contribution made by his father in setting-up the campus.  He also stated that the teachings of BKs were spread all over the world and that he too would inculcate the teachings to become a better person, in his quest to be of service to humanity.  He also expressed the dire need to be resilient to overcome the day-to-day problems due to the events happening around the world.  He also emphasised that there is a need to understand that human being is a combination of soul and body.


Guest of Honour Dr. (Maj Gen) J. K. Bansal, VSM, Chikitsa Ratna, former Member, NDMA,said that Rajyoga mediation is a proven concept not only for preventing but also reversing diabetes, heart disease, hyper-thyroid, etc and also an effective tool to deal with trauma.  He also recalled results of a study conducted by AIIMS & DRDO with BKs and how Rajyoga meditation regressed blockages.   He also stated that meditation enhances inner resilience and enables faster recovery.


Dr. P. G. Radhakrishna, Director In-Charge, KSSRDI, Bangalore in his very brief speech said that silk is a product of the sacrifice of a silk worm, which all human beings should take note of and do sacrifices for the betterment of all.


Shri Chandra Bhushan, Dy DG, Centre for Science & Environment, New Delhi, said that science does not have a solution for environmental issues despite the best of efforts and hence he felt “efficiency is not sufficiency”. The solution for problems resulting due to climatic changes can be found only with scienceand spirituality joining hands.


Dr N Bhaskaran, Director, Tamil University, Tamil Nadu quoted Vinobha Bhave – “All evils of the world can be solved only by Spirituality” and went on to state that the problems of the present world can be dealt effectively by blending Science with Spirituality.  He expressed happiness that BKs are spreading value-based knowledge through various courses on Value Education& Spirituality.


Shri Anil Kumar Singh, Dy. Director, DESIDOC, DRDO, Ministry of Defence, New Delhi enlightened the august gathering about the long-standing relationship between DRDO and BKs by going back to the times when Mr APJ Kalam was its head.  He also mentioned about the projects jointly undertaken which were a success and the benefit of meditation to soldiers who were serving in harsh and hostile conditions.


Shri Harish R Bhat, Scientist, Centre for Ecological Sciences, IISc, Bangalore stated that Gyan Sarovar was the place where one could quench the thirst for knowledge and is a place where it is possible to take care and give mother nature its due.


BK Lovely, Faculty, SpARC Wing, Delhi took the entire gathering on a meditative journey with the aid of a guided commentary.


Prof. Dr. BK Bipin Contractor (Retd), Core Group Member, SpARC, Ahmedabad thanked the dignitaries, delegates and BKs of various departments for extending assistance which ensured a smooth termination of the inaugural session.

The entire session was well co-ordinated by BK Srinidhi, RJ Radio Madhuban, Abu Road.

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