Inauguration of Baba’s UN Space

Inauguration of Baba’s UN Space

 Inauguration of Baba’s UN Space


On Thursday November 2, 2017 Sister Mohini, together with the New York area Instruments, inaugurated the new and extended BKUN space that was being renovated this past year.

It has been due to many peoples’ cooperation that we now have this beautiful place from which to serve.  The aim was to create a space of peace, harmony, and simplicity into which the UN community is invited and can take direct benefit as they look at the spiritual perspective of global concerns and experience themselves to be spiritual beings. Up until now we have been going out into the UN arena and now we would also like to invite souls into God’s home. It is a small space and so we furnished it with modern furniture that could transform into different uses to create different scenarios for dialogues, presentations and meditation.

We were very happy to have Sister Mohini offer bhog to Baba.

Here are a few excerpts from Baba’s beautiful message:

Baba said “all the plans are approved first in the subtle region and then here, so you all think you have planed or you have copied the plan?  . . . . for God’s task, the plan is up there, and from that plan as much as you are able to catch that much you are able to implement”.

“The Yagya is sustained drop by drop so service also happens one by one, one by one. It is not that masses will come but those who are served will serve the masses. Who so-ever is served, even if one light is ignited, how many in darkness are able to see through that light”.

“You will see that those who come here, and not only here, but all instruments at present has to keep in mind that I have to kindle, I have to ignite; hope, courage, love all these qualities into someone. So it’s not igniting candle like this but igniting the spirit of these qualities.”

“Baba is always with all of you, you carry Baba’s task and Baba carries you! These were his last words. You carry Baba’s task and I carry you”.

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