IT Wing

To introduce the basic concepts of meditation and spirituality in very gentle, interactive and practical way through various events.

To make simple and profound principles of Rajyoga Meditation accessible and applicable to IT Professionals so that they can lead peaceful personal life and productive professional life.

To give spiritual sustenance to the IT Professionals who practice Rajyoga Meditation through retreats/programs.

Youth Wing

To help youth to develop mental concentration, self-confidence and the power of judgement;

To encourage youth to develop purity in thoughts, words and deeds and live a life of discipline, simplicity and self-reliance;

To promote the spirit of service and sacrifice in youth by engaging them in community welfare activities.

Women’s Wing

To provide opportunities for women to gain spiritual empowerment;

To make women fully aware of their potential and increase men’s awareness of women’s contributions;

To empower women to combat the social evils of obscene literature/films, treatment of women as sex objects, child marriage and the dowry system.

Transport & Travel Wing

To help those associated with the transport and travel sectors to overcome difficulties in their personal and social lives, free them from addiction to alcohol, tobacco and drugs, and increase their productivity at work;

To minimize road accidents through road safety initiatives;

To apply spiritual principles to help transport and travel industry professionals attain efficiency in administration.

Sports Wing

To enhance will power and self-confidence in sports persons to help them attain their full potential;

To teach sports persons the art of relaxation in moments of pressure and crisis;

To help coaches, captains, players and sports officials develop good interpersonal relations.

Sparc Wing

To analyse spiritual knowledge systematically so that it can be understood in a convenient and practical way by all sections of society;

To conduct and promote research blending various branches of learning to enhance our understanding of reality, and to find ways in which spiritual principles can be used to overcome problems facing humanity;

To build a better tomorrow through applied spirituality.

Sports Wing

To awaken in people a sense of service and inspire them to engage in spiritual social service;

To raise public awareness in order to bring about the eradication of social evils such as child marriage and bride-burning;

To offer spiritual education and a simple system of meditation which can aid the eradication of substance abuse and addiction.

Shipping, Aviation & Tourism Wing

To promote peace through shipping, aviation and tourism, which bring people together;

To help those working in these sectors overcome stress and worry;

To help people in these sectors discover their true identity by undertaking a spiritual journey into their inner world.

Security Services Wing

To strengthen security forces personnel internally to enhance their efficiency and help them take quick and correct decisions in challenging situations;

To help security forces personnel cope with the stress caused by the hazardous nature of their work;

To raise the morale of security personnel by making them self-aware and fostering their innate spiritual qualities.

Scientists & Engineers Wing

To bridge the gap between science and spirituality;

To help scientists and engineers cope with stress, adapt to change and work in ways that reflect the needs of humanity;

To stimulate new thinking about the role of science and technology in creating a sustainable future.

Rural Development Wing

To improve the condition of rural children and youth through leadership programmes, child development camps and character development programmes;

To eliminate illiteracy, superstition, blind faith and unhealthy social practices;

To foster healthy lifestyles through educational programmes in health and hygiene, medical camps and exhibitions and lectures aimed at reducing the incidence of smoking, drinking, chewing of tobacco and drug addiction.

Religious Wing

To stress the parallel and common values and practices in various religions as well as the elements of love and reconciliation emphasized by all faiths;

To inspire people to follow, in practice, the teachings of their respective religious traditions rather than putting emphasis on rituals or proselytisation ;

To encourage members of all faith traditions to develop a broad and liberal attitude as well as a spirit of accommodation and respect for those of other faiths.

Politicians Wing

To bring transparency and honesty along with a sense of dedication and spirituality in the practitioners of politics in the country;

To encourage politicians to promote the rule of law by following it themselves;

To provide a common platform to adherents of all political ideologies to discuss and adopt ways and means of spiritual conduct in the political field.

Medical Wing

To reintroduce the ancient concept of holistic health care into the practice of modern medicine and affirm the role of meditation in developing a healthy world;

To encourage high standards of ethics and exemplary conduct among medical and health professionals;

To conduct and publish research into the psychophysiology of Rajyoga meditation and its application in the prevention of sickness and promotion of health.

Media Wing

To inspire media personnel to take up the challenge of promoting positivity in an industry which perpetuates negativity;

To encourage the media to promote religious harmony, national solidarity and character development, and protect the interests of the weak and voiceless millions;

To discourage misreporting, slander, propagation of violence, obscenity and vulgarity, and other malpractices.

Jurists Wing

To facilitate and support the application of moral values and ethical behaviour in the legal and judicial systems;

To foster lawfulness in the general public through education in spiritual and moral values;

To promote love and logic in the administration of justice.

Education Wing

To provide training and refresher courses for educators that will enable spiritual empowerment of the educators as well as their students;

To re-establish, through education and research, a society based on spiritual, moral and human values;

To remove ignorance, superstition and social evils through spiritual education.

Business & Industry Wing

To encourage attainment of individual excellence and collective satisfaction;

To provide educational training programmes;

To inspire businessmen and industrialists to become instruments of change for a new world order of global peace and harmony.

Art & Culture Wing

Spiritual empowerment of artists and performers to help them lead a stress-free life;

To make art a medium of manifestation of spiritual and human values;

To check the growing commercialization of art and make art a tool for the service of humanity.

Administrators’ Wing

To foster and support moral and ethical behaviour in individuals holding executive and administrative positions in public and private institutions;

To enable administrators and executives to lead by example;

To provide training in self-management and Rajyoga meditation as means of stress-management, and impart skills that promote value-based, spiritually sound administrative practices.