Mental Tension

Mental tension is often the cause of distress, disease and crime. In order to relieve tension, some people take tranquillisers, smoke marijuana or use stimulant drugs. But these substances do not provide lasting relief. Rather, they harm one's mental faculties and lead to addiction. It has been found that practice of Rajyoga meditation, even for a short while every day, is one of the most effective ways of getting freedom from mental tension. It is instructive to know what causes mental tension and how Rajyoga relieves it. The key factor responsible for mental tension is one's attitude towards

Divine Virtues

It is divine qualities that make a person gentle or noble and enable one to become great. Cheerfulness stands high among these. As a flower spreads its freshness and fragrance all round, a smile on our face cheers up all who meet us. Thus a cheerful face silently serves others. Tolerance and patience, too, are sterling qualities. They give one's mind the strength of steel. Like seat-cushions or buffer springs, they work as shock absorbers in life. One who has these two qualities can stay happy in the face of hardships and reverses. Sweetness of language and temper is another g

Wavering Moods of the Mind

There is no person in this world who, at any given point of time, has no mood at all. It has been found that negative moods not only cause uneasiness or irritation in the mind but also affect one’s health and disturb the atmosphere. They send out vibrations that cause disturbances. So, one needs to learn the art of staying happy and in a good mood at all times. Meditation helps one achieve this goal. How? The practice of Rajyoga meditation is based on positive thoughts, which produce noble sentiments and a happy mood. As the saying goes, as you think, so shall you become. If,

Ideas on Beauty

It has been aptly said that a thing of beauty is a joy forever. It has to be seen, however, as to which kind of beauty this saying applies to. A person with a pretty face may not be beautiful at heart. A lady with good looks does not look beautiful if she acts like an enraged bull in a china shop. That is why it has been said that handsome is as handsome does. Again, beauty is subjective. For instance, a lover of nature is drawn to a beautiful flower, but to a bird a flower is only a thing to be pecked at. So, beauty does not necessarily lie in the colour or contour, rather it

Spiritual or Transcendental Meditation

In this workaday world, man's consciousness is almost always engrossed in earthly things, people, mundane situations and temporal feelings. Rarely does he transcend these, for he has no knowledge of that which is spiritual or transcendental. Only during deep sleep is his consciousness at rest, to an extent. The depth of the feeling of rest or relaxation depends on how much his consciousness is withdrawn from the world or, in other words, how much he is lost in sleep. Even if his organs of perception are shut to the outside world, he will not 'enjoy' his sleep if he dreams of t

What is Soul or Consciousness

Today, little does man realise, much less practice, the truth that in the body made up of matter dwells a sentient and immortal entity, the eternal spark of life and light called the soul. The body is like a temple and the soul is like the burning flame or deity within. The body is like a car and the soul is its driver. The body is an assemblage of instruments in the shape of various organs that are controlled and used by the soul through the brain, which acts like a computer. The body exists not for its own sake but for a sentient user, the soul. The soul is like a tiny star,

Yoga is Super Consciousness

It has been observed that all humans have any one of the four main types of consciousness. The first of these, which is common to almost everyone, is gross consciousness or body consciousness. The example of an actor illustrates what body consciousness is. An actor plays his given role on stage. If he is called upon to act as a king, he may use a costume to look like one, but in his mind he is not oblivious to the fact that he is not a king and is only playing that role. The folly of humans, however, is that while playing their roles in the drama of this world they identify th

Six Stages of the Mind

One gets absorbed in bliss and profound peace when one is meditating. Another important benefit of yoga is that it brings about transformation in one’s day-to-day acts, behaviour, manners, attitude and one’s whole life. One becomes a changed person. This fact will be clear to us if we understand how actions, outlook and mood or state of mind depend on what thought the mind is occupied with. The following example will make it clear. If a person has seen a dog bite a man, whenever he comes across a stray dog in the street the memory of the dog biting a man crops up in his mind.