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Absorption in Bliss

In the state of Yoga or meditation, one experiences the rays of light and might or peace and bliss, descending on him and spreading through him into the whole world, thus charging the atmosphere with vibrations of purity, love and spiritual quietude. Sometimes one feels surrounded by divine light and experiences extraordinary peace such as one had never experienced before taking to the practice of Yoga. Sometimes he perceives himself in golden-red light with strong currents of spiritual might, emanating from him in all directions as strong rays of spiritual light. He will be having deep realisation of being separate from the body, which too he now sees being charged with these transcendental rays. Again, he experiences very strong waves of deep-red light and might beaming out from him in all directions and he perceives these ennobling and peace-giving vibrations going in all directions, with good wishes to all. He also, at times, feels as if he is a brilliant point of light, with rays of very high intensity, bursting or darting out from him for the service of the whole world; on such occasions, he has even no feeling of his body and has no conscious thought except that he feels that he is absorbed in peace and bliss and in God's fond Love, there being in him, sub-consciously though, the feeling of fulfillment of life and of attainment of the ultimate. He feels in him a high tide to exhilaration and satisfaction and he now regards himself a very fortunate person having achieved his goal.

A person practising meditation has these and many other such benign experiences. He either gets visions, revealing great mysteries or becomes a visionary, having thoughts of high attitude. Even after the meditation sittings, a person feels changed - a holy and happy man. He is now imbued with the feeling of friendliness, affection and sympathy for his fellow-beings. While walking, he no longer feels the weight of his body. He feels as if he carries his body light as feather or as if he were lifted from the ground. He now feels enormous store of will power and exuberance of zest and indefatigable spirit. He now remains totally unaffected by situations involving sharp contrasts - joy and sorrow, gain and loss, praise and dispraise. He feels as if his weaknesses are now disappearing, his ignoble tendencies are now making room for the dawn of purity and divine qualities. He feels like continuing in this unique state forever. The whole world now appears to him as to be a wonderful Drama.
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