Wavering Moods Of The Mind

  • There is no person in this world who, at any given point of time, has no mood at all. It has been found that negative moods not only cause uneasiness or irritation in the mind but also affect one’s health and disturb the atmosphere. They send out vibrations that cause disturbances. So, one needs to learn the art of staying happy and in a good mood at all times.


  • Meditation helps one achieve this goal. How? The practice of Rajyoga meditation is based on positive thoughts, which produce noble sentiments and a happy mood. As the saying goes, as you think, so shall you become. If, for instance, a man thinks that he is weak, his lack of confidence makes him tremble in the face of a difficult situation. In order to be in a positive frame of mind, one has to change one’s thoughts from negative to positive ones. This is what a Rajyogi does. His positive thoughts are connected with any of the attributes of God, the goodness in the world or bright hopes for the future. The following example illustrates this.


  • Suppose a person feels nervous in the face of a difficult situation because he thinks he is unequal to it and has no one to help him or sympathise with him. His nervousness weakens him all the more, so that even before he has attempted to solve the problem, he gives up. The way a yogi would respond is different. He would have the firm faith that God is his companion and helpmate, and since God is Almighty and invincible, he would not entertain the slightest thought of failure. Such faith works like many horsepower of energy. He applies all his strength and abilities to the problem and, often, succeeds. This does not mean there are no failures, but his faith in God gives him the inner strength to face any reverses without disappointment or despair.


  • By regular practice of meditation one learns to be positive in all situations. This helps one remain happy and relaxed, and to act with equanimity and confidence.