What Is Soul Or Consciousness

  • Today, little does man realise, much less practice, the truth that in the body made up of matter dwells a sentient and immortal entity, the eternal spark of life and light called the soul.


  • The body is like a temple and the soul is like the burning flame or deity within. The body is like a car and the soul is its driver. The body is an assemblage of instruments in the shape of various organs that are controlled and used by the soul through the brain, which acts like a computer. The body exists not for its own sake but for a sentient user, the soul.


  • The soul is like a tiny star, which lives in the body in the hypothalamus, where it is connected to the nervous and endocrine systems.


  • The soul has three faculties which the body or anything else made of matter does not possess. These are the ability to think, wish or will, the ability to judge, understand or investigate, and the ability to retain impressions of past experiences in the form of attitudes, moods and habits. The first of these faculties is known as the mind, the second as intellect and the third as sanskars, resolves or latencies.


  • It is these abilities that distinguish one man from another and determine the mental and moral state of a person. One who is given to violence or other evils is known as a sinner, and one who makes efforts to purify his thoughts, words and actions is known as a great soul. One who has completely divinised himself is called a deity. It is the soul that experiences the reward or punishment for its good or bad actions, for the mind is not an entity separate from the soul; it is a faculty of the soul.