Divinity in Administration and Governance

As the Keynote speaker of the webinar, BK Asha Didi (Chairperson of Administrator`s Wing & Director of ORC Gurugram) gave tips to involve Practical Spirituality in our lives. BK Sushma Didi (Subzone Head, Jaipur Museum) conducted Experiential Meditation and BK Chandrakala Didi coordinated the event.
Ms. Manju Rajpal IAS conducted Q & A session from their field and Sh. J.C. Mohanty I.A.S. shared his work experience and gave vote of thanks to all participants.
They felt very nice and said to promote Spirituality in the field of Administration & Governance.
Few I.A.S. Officers, Senior Advocates, judges, R.A.S. and Admin Officers joined this event and appreciated our steps.


Type: Webinar

News/Live/Promo/Recording Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wq4MpRzXfE0

Venue: Jaipur Vaishali Nagar Centre

Speaker: BK Asha Didi (Chairperson of Administrator`s Wing, Director of ORC Gurugram)
BK Sushma Didi (Subzone Head of Jaipur Museum)

Beneficiaries: 200

Guests: Ms. Manju Rajpal ( IAS ) , Ms. Neetu Singh ( Judge ) , Sangeeta Saxena ( RAS ) , Sh. J.C. Mohanty ( IAS ) , Surendra Singh Yadav ( Senior Advocate )

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Mobile: 6350541945