Inaugural Programme of Suthanthira Thirunal Amutha Meruvizha – Madurai

Inaugural Programme of Suthanthira Thirunal Amutha Meruvizha – Madurai


Project: Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav

Program: Inaugural Programme of Suthanthira Thirunal Amutha Meruvizha

Type: Festival celebration

News/Live/Promo/Recording Link: https://youtu.be/2oTHicYZeME

Venue: HATSUN AUDITORIUM, Tamilnadu Chamber of commerce & Industry

Brief of Program: SPEAKER’S THEME :
1. 75th Indian Independence towards Golden Bharat
2. 5 Policies
3. Action Plan

In a tranquil evening, with the blessings of BapDada and Rajyogini
B.K. Meenakshi Behanji, Director, Madurai Sub-zone AZADI KA AMRUT MAHOTSAV – Launching Program of Madurai Sub-zone was initiated on 04.01.2022 (Tuesday) at 5.00 p.m. BK students welcomed the gathering with fresh and fragrant flowers.

Honourable Minister P. Moorthy, Ministry of Commercial Taxes and Registration and Stamp Law, Tamil Nadu presided the programme by lighting traditional lamp Kuthuvilakku. He launched the Amrit Mahotsav Madurai Sub-Zonal programmes’ by unveiling the project’s Monogram and gave his good wishes for the success of the project.
The highlight of the program was 8 FREEDOM FIGHTERS of Madurai were honoured with Shawl, Sandal Garland and Bouquet.
Rajyogi B.K. Pandiamani, Director, Value Education Programmes, Mt. Abu, Rajasthan, in his address said that through this great project – bringing Rama Rajya in Bharat – the dream of our National Father Mahatma Gandhiji, will become true. In the establishment of Golden Bharat every ones’ co-operation is needed. God did not create this world with lots of sorrow and worries. He wants his every child to be happy. So, all of you need to know Who am I ? To whom I belong ? and What do I want to do ? Giving makes one more happy than receiving anything from others. To give always we need to go in the path of spirituality.
Rajyogi B.K. Jayakumar, HOD, Tamil Dept., Godlywood Studio, Mt. Abu, Rajasthan in his talk explained about the 5 promises one needs to take to bring Golden Bharat. He said that old traditional cultural habits are needed to be given importance. In family and in society everyone should shower love on others. Today problems are getting increased. The root cause of all problems are vices. To solve all problems one need to do meditation.
After his speech, Sister B.K. Amirthalakshmi read the 5 promises and make the audience take oath.
Rajyogini B.K. Uma, Co-ordinator, Madurai sub-zone in her talk said that When we change the world will change into a happy and prosperous world. For the welfare of self, family, society and world we need to do meditation daily for atleast 10 minutes. She gave the knowledge of Soul, Supreme Soul and gave meditation commentary. All the guests and audience merged in Baba’s love and peace.
Our guest Dr. N. Jegadeesan, President, Tamil Nadu Chamber of Commerce, Madurai in his felicitation address said that Brahma Kumaris are doing a great service in bringing change in this world. It is appreciable. Also, he encouraged the audience to extend their co-operation in every service Brahma Kumaris do.
Lion Er. P. Radha Krishnan MJF, Second District Deputy Governor, Lions District 324 B in his felicitation address said that in this project of Brahma Kumaris they are going to conduct various programs for women, children, youth, etc.. Their programmes like Children’s Self Development Program, Save Environment, Women – the Pride are highly appreciable. Weall need to give our co-operation in all the way in their creative and constructive services.
One of the Freedom Fighters named Mr. Sundararajan, President, Boomidhana Sarvodhaya Sangam gave his thanks giving on behalf of all other freedom fighters. In his talk he said that the gap between the wealthy people and poor people should be reduced. Then all become equal in this India. We have to renunciate hatred ness and we should love each other. Then we can make this India as Golden Bharat.
All Freedom Fighters showed their love and gratitude and felt honoured.
Shri Kalakendira Arts and Science Acadamy studends performed Bharathnatiyam dances in the programme.
All stage guests and freedom fighters were presented Godly gifts and Prasad.

Special Moments: 1.Opening of Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav based Exhibition
2. Audio Release for Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav in tamil
3.Taking Oath for value based society

Testimonials: Hon`ble Mr.P.Moorthy, Minister for Commercial Taxes, Registration and Stamp law, Tamilnadu had post in all his social Media ie., 75 வது இந்திய சுதந்திர பவள விழாவிலருந்து பொன்னான பாரதம் நோக்கி மதுரை பிரம்மா குமாரிகள் துணை மண்டல நிகழ்வுகளின் துவக்க விழா வில் கலந்து கொண்டேன்

Beneficiaries: 450

Guests: Dr.N.Jegadeesan M.Co., B.L.Ph.D., ( President, Tamil Nadu Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Madurai ) , Dr.S. Aneesh Sekar I.A.S., ( Collector, Madurai ) , Honourable Mr.P. Moorthy B.A., ( Minister for Commercial Taxes, Registration and Stamp law, Tamilnadu ) , MJF Lion Er. Creative P. Radhakrishnan ( Dist. Second Additional Governor, 324-B3 )

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