National Women’s Day – Anantapur (A.P.)

12 VIPs  members and 375 above ladies has participated for this programme. Isme women`s values ke bare me bhat kiya. Deputy Mayor, Retired Judge, Advocates , Doctors, Nehru Yuva Seva Kendr President,  etc also joined for  this event.


Type: National women`s day

Venue: Anantapur, kvs nagar, old town.

Speaker: BK Sharada

Cultural Details: Songs and  two dances about womens

Special Moments: National women`s day

Testimonials: Deputy mayor, Vasanti.

Beneficiaries: 375

Guests: Bharath ( Nehru Yuva seva kendra president ) , Dr.shylaja ( Surgeon ) , Padmaja ( Advocate ) , Subrahmanyam kumar ( Retired judge ) , Vasanthi sahitya ( Deputy mayor )

Feedback: They felt very happy.

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