A spiritual pioneer like none other

Jane Kay

On January 18, more than one million people, living in over 130 countries across the world, will spend their day quietly remembering a man whose life became an inspiration for them to change their own.

Dada Lekhraj, later known as Prajapita Brahma, and affectionately referred to as Brahma Baba by the Brahma Kumaris, was someone whose search for truth set him apart from those around him. His love for God and devotional nature automatically inspired respect. He was also a wealthy diamond merchant, whose own nobility of demeanour, gentle humility and honesty in his business dealings attracted both Indian and foreign royalty as customers.

However, it was a series of visions that he received during deep contemplation that heralded the beginning of a life of such purity and simplicity that hundreds flocked to be near him and follow his example.

The light of Divinity began to illumine his life, and he renounced his business and devoted the rest of his days to demonstrating the reality of spirituality in action. This was not as easy as it reads on paper. His advocacy of a life of purity and of dignifying the role of women, by placing them as trustees and leaders of the organisation, met with great resistance.

Someone who had garnered respect and admiration became someone who was vilified and opposed at every step. No matter – he had found what he had been looking for and continued to deal with each one, however they approached him, as someone worthy of regard, spiritual love and mercy.

The message he conveyed has attracted peoples of all ages, faiths, nationalities, social status and beliefs.

The reason why the message resonates with those from so many diverse paths of life is threefold: The message says that firstly, each one is a spiritual being, a soul – each with a different role to play on this field of action. Secondly, that the Supreme Soul has a unique part to play here, and His task is to make the world a better place for all, by helping His children – each one of us – to regain their dignity and self-respect. The third aspect is that the cycle of time is coming full circle, and now is the moment to understand and participate in the beginning of an age of peace and happiness.

The sun can rise on this enlightened age only when human beings begin to live a life of virtue. Each individual soul can bring about this transformation in the self by connecting with the Supreme Being.

Prajapita Brahma perfectly understood this message that was given through him, and consequently gave his wealth, his life and his every thought to the upliftment of humanity. His life of truth, purity, peace, love and humility has become an inspiration for thousands.

It is a wonder; and yet no wonder at all that January 18, the anniversary of his passing, has become a day of quiet remembrance and gratitude.