Benefits of knowing the self

B.K. Geeta

Just as it is important to know God, it is important to know the self, the soul. To know means to accept. What happens when we accept ourselves as we are? We become free from the bondage of actions even while performing actions – we are not influenced by their results.

When we clearly know and accept ourselves, we naturally follow the spiritual disciplines of right conduct. We will not have to think whether something is right or not. Those who have stabilised themselves in the awareness of being a soul will think, speak and act accurately.

When we are aware of the spiritual self, all our actions are disciplined. Just as the captain of a ship or the pilot of an aircraft has his or her route plan in front of them, by which they know where they have to go, one who knows the self will have a clear understanding of what to do in any situation.

Initially, one has to make effort: one has to think at every step whether something is right or wrong. But when one begins to remain constantly in the awareness of being a soul, right conduct becomes natural and there is no need to think about it.

In addition, one needs to have complete faith in the self, just as some people have 100 per cent faith in God. If a train is running on the right track at the right time, there is the faith that it will reach its destination on time, and the loco pilot drives it free of worry. In the same way, if one has the right awareness of the self, then one’s mind is on the right track and one cannot perform actions or have thoughts that are wrong.

Such an elevated state of mind will not give rise to arrogance. The more one is aware of being a soul, the more humility there will be. Moreover, when one knows the self and has faith in the self, success in one’s task is guaranteed. Whatever action such souls perform, they will have the faith that it will ultimately be beneficial.