How Challenges Empower You

Dronacharya was appointed the commander of the kaurva army.

He valiantly fought the battle on the first day but still couldn’t beat Arjuna.

Seeing this Duryodhana was disappointed.

He went to Dronacharya’s camp.

Duryodhana: Arjuna is just one of your students. His strength is half of yours. You can win him in a moment. Then why such a delay in winning the battle?

Dronacharya (In a serious tone): You are right. Arjuna is my student. I know everything he knows. But his life has been full of hardships. And I lived a life of luxury, in the palace. Hardships have made him much more powerful than me.

Motivation drives your thoughts, feelings, words, and actions. It transfers you from where you are, to where you want to be. Positive energy, enthusiasm, and clear perception help you to complete a task. Your desire to complete a task, achieve a goal, or overcome a challenge keeps you interested.

Your thoughts color your perceptions, and affect your motivation.

  • What kind of thoughts are in your mind, today?
  • Which thoughts weigh you down?
  • Have you ever pondered over the challenging, overpowering, disturbing, and demotivating situations?
  • Have you glanced through these situations, only to see aspects you aren’t equipped to handle?
  • Do you realize, you knew the answers, but lack the wisdom and power to overcome these situations?

Life throws different types of challenges at you:

  • A difficult relationship can overpower your thoughts for days or even years.
  • A physical illness can give you physical discomfort, and depress you.
  • A deadline at work or a sudden loss in business could be a challenge on the professional front.
Why do you need challenges?

If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you. — Fred Devito

Challenges can be unpleasant and scary, but you need them to succeed in life. To overcome challenges, you work harder. This makes you more determined and powerful. But, if you lack spiritual wisdom, challenges can demotivate you.

 When faced with challenges, people find they can go the extra mile and get answers from within. They don’t realize they already know the answers. Challenges can be helpful. If you turn them into positive energy, they motivate you. By doing so, you transform challenges into blessings. This helps you advance and become experienced.

Some people work only a couple hours a day. They hardly have any deadlines. Still, they’re stressed out and unmotivated. Two people may have the same work with the same deadlines. Yet, one is anxious, while the other serene.

 Some people love challenges. They love to remain occupied and bottled up with challenges. They’re passionate, work hard to overcome them, and aren’t overwhelmed. Challenges motivate them. They are self motivated to overcome challenges and achieve success.

However, these same people at times can’t cope up with too many challenges and deadlines. The same people who overcame challenges earlier, find themselves demotivated. They realize they’re stressed out, and the challenges demotivated them. What happened now?

Change in perception.

So, the reason of stress or demotivation is not what you do or the deadlines. It’s how you perceive the “whats” and “whens” of daily life. It’s how you perceive what you do, and the possible outcome.

Your beliefs become your thoughts,

Your thoughts become your words,

Your words become your actions,

Your actions become your habits,

Your habits become your values,

Your values become your destiny.

— Mahatma Gandhi

Your beliefs are the basis of your perception. Beliefs don’t come pre-built into your genes. You learn them. And then send them into your subconscious. Then, they pop-up through your thoughts, emotions, words, and actions.

You not only hold beliefs, you identify with them too.  

When surrounded by challenges, at times you need an extra nurture. That gentleness can come from your loved ones, or from within yourself. Television, hot chocolate, gym, or a holiday. All these things can help you replenish your energy and keep you motivated to an extent. But for constant motivation, take a deeper look at your thoughts and feelings. Physical treatments, therapies, and relaxation techniques help you. But, they can’t change the way you think. Your thinking is the cause. And behind your thoughts, your beliefs are a deeper cause.

 Pay rapt attention to your thoughts and feelings. Learn to manage them. Fill them with peace and calm, and your personality will change for the better.

Remember: YOU are the creator of your thoughts and feelings. When you learn to assess the quality of your thoughts and feelings, you begin to choose the positive ones. This keeps you motivated.

There’s always something positive you can find in the challenges you face. Remember that the challenge period is short and you’ll soon overcome the challenge.

Spend some time every day to ponder over your goals. Do this, once you’re out of the challenging situations. Don’t daydream for hours, though. For motivation, remind yourself: Oaks grow strong in contrary winds. Diamonds are made under pressure.

Challenges are not here to stay. While they exist, they empower you.

The journey of life is exciting when you challenge your own weaknesses. Sometimes your enemy teaches you better than your friend.

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