How to Change Your Thoughts When They Are On Fire

How to Change Your Thoughts When They Are On Fire

In the previous article, we covered some basic habits for thought hygiene. But there are rough days. Days when everything seems to be going wrong. The mind is then wandering like a non-stoppable wild horse. During such situations, you could try these.

Write your unmanageable thoughts.

When you realize that your thoughts are just unmanageable start scribbling. Take a piece of paper and pen and just keep writing down what you are thinking. You don’t have to worry about grammar, spelling or anything. Just write! You will find yourself much lighter after pouring it out on paper. Then if possible drop this letter in a church or temple as if you are giving it to God or just burn it. Don’t keep it with you.

Talk to someone whom you trust.

Very rarely you find someone who can really understand you. Whom you can trust and is capable enough to give the right guidance. If you are lucky enough to find one, talk to them. Remember not to make the mistake of sharing your problems with people who don’t understand. This will do more harm than good.

A walk in nature

Nature has the power to change energy levels and absorb negative energy. Allow her to. If you find yourself going haywire and no one to go to, go to Mother Nature.

Take a shower

Water not only cleans the body but also helps clear the clutter in the mind to some extent. Have you noticed that when things are just not fine you land up feeling better after a shower?

Clean your room

If you realize your mind is just unstoppable start cleaning your room, wardrobe or your workplace. Arrange your papers or files which have been lying around for days. After you are done with the cleaning and organizing you will find a difference. A clean and organized physical ambiance helps in having clearer and organized thoughts.

Visit a holy place

Don’t walk into a cinema theatre to change your mood. You are not changing your mood, you are actually postponing the problem. Instead go to a temple, church or any place where people have been meditating and praying for years. These places carry positive energy which helps change your mood and thoughts. Is there something else we can add?

Try these and let us know which ones worked the best for you.