Understanding and Functioning of the Feminine Mind

Understanding and Functioning of the Feminine Mind

That’s how women think

Often in our conversations we say so.

But what is a feminine mind?

What is its role in today’s world?

Is a feminine mind limited only to women?

Let’s explore some of these aspects in this post.

A feminine mind is not limited to females. Just like a masculine mind is not limited to males.

The Subtle Mind

The Subtle mind is the soul’s capacity to produce thoughts. It holds emotions. It’s where stillness resides.  It’s a subtle instrument of sense perception. It’s a very refined creative instrument. It’s capable of appreciating and interpreting music, art, and can recognize beauty and meaning.    

Difference Between the Masculine and Feminine Mind

The masculine mind is like an obelisk and the feminine mind is like a labyrinth.  

The masculine mind is more engaged in the external world and in going somewhere. It likes functional objects. It looks at time as an arrow and purpose as a series of goals.

The feminine mind is more internal. It’s concerned with cycles, is sensitive to moods, to earth, to nature, to birth and death, and to those unseen mysterious aspects of human life that reside in our inner landscape.  

The feminine mind orients itself towards dreams and mysteries, psychic phenomena, love and healing.

Ideally, we’ve a good blend of both.  We live in a culture dominated by the masculine mind. The feminine aspects and attributes are considered less valuable as they aren’t necessarily quantifiable or financially remunerated.  

The feminine mind checks whether something is authentic.  It questions whether a course of action actually takes us towards our goal. If not, it dispenses it off.

What’s the ‘Queen Essence’ Phenomenon?

Bees have an extraordinary phenomenon knows as “Queen Essence.”  The Brahma Kumaris’ Dadis exude this. It’s an energy that makes you feel as though you exist. Affirmative energy which shows the importance of your existence.  It makes your existence have meaning. It makes you want to carry on doing what you are doing because it infuses it with meaning. And a sense that it’s important, that you belong, and that you are loved.  

Among bees, the queen sits in a particular place and all the bees do whatever they need to do. They pick up this energy that beekeepers call queen essence.

Dadi Prakashmani as the Queen Bee

Dadi Prakashmani, the Administrative Head of Brahma Kumaris, till 2007 was an embodiment of queen essence.  She would sit in the courtyard, in the morning, and was 100% available to everyone in the organization. In the evenings she would sit at a spot where she could watch the moon.  She would encourage people to sit with her, to talk and to sing and enjoy each other’s company. In this way, she miraculously moved a tiny organization limited to India into a global movement with 9000+ associated centers in 130+ countries.

She had an extraordinary power to see the interior of a person.  When she would meet anyone, they would know that they’ve been seen.  Normally one feels that no one has any idea who they are. People just look at the surface of your body and evaluate you accordingly.

The Feminine Mind and the Labyrinth

The feminine mind is like a labyrinth because it moves in a circular way towards the middle.  This is the central essence of concepts, and then moves to a position with a view of the whole picture.  It maintains sight of both the periphery and the core. These attributes are helpful in leadership, nurturing, inspiring others etc.

The masculine mind begins somewhere. It does not matter where and goes somewhere. It tends to travel from one point to another more distant point, whether it’s a place or an idea.

The Feminine Mind is for Grounding

The feminine mind looks for hidden meaning and grounding.  This is why the earth is always called a woman, and water is considered feminine.  Anything can go into it and disappear. Water is also the symbol of the subconscious. The feminine minded people can easily go deep inside the self. The masculine minded people are afraid of things that lie beneath the surface.

The feminine is always very conscious of the family and is inclusive of everyone in the family.  It’s different from the football team, or the army which is closer to the way of the masculine mind. The army is a reflection of our capacity for discipline and getting large things done.

Thoughts in the Feminine Mind

The feminine mind likes to work with pure and powerful thoughts.  When the feminine mind is conscious of being an expression of the soul, it says “I am immortal, you can’t kill me”.  Thus the feminine mind can become immune to any kind of pain, be it physical, emotional, financial, social or military.

Within the feminine, there’s a tendency to transcend, to re-interpret, and to transform and turn situations into something else. The feminine is always creating, even out of what has been destroyed or rejected.  History is full of such examples.

The use of pure and powerful thought is terrifying for the materialistic mindset.  Because the materialistic world can’t control it.

When you start using your feminine mind you hold on to your intrinsic power and become free. You aren’t hungry for power. You aren’t concerned whether anyone knows about it, acknowledges it, or tries to wrest it from you.

It’s this feminine energy that needs to come together as now we see a lot of damage, destruction, violence and corruption in the world.

Experience the Sacred Space

Our culture does so much to devalue that sacred, secret, mysterious space of the soul.  Yet there is such a hunger for it.

The feminine mind is naturally oriented towards this sacred space.  However it’s an uphill struggle because the world we live in tells you that if you want to succeed, you’ve to sell your soul.  When you get to the higher echelons of corporate life, you don’t find many feminine minded people. And even if they reach there, they might not like it. There’s a visceral unwillingness to sit with guys engaged in some highly destructive yet financially rewarding activity.

Work Coherently

The feminine mind works together such that there are 30 bodies but one soul.  To merge together involves trust and seeing each other as one really is. You can then accomplish whatever you want. Pure thought is the instrument to achieve a feminine mind. To keep working together in the mind and arrive at a fusion of minds.  In such connectedness, one thinks a thought and the others feel that thought. Then the thought becomes a practical reality. No physical effort is required.  Perhaps that was how the pyramids were built. Such work requires a collective mental effort.

To accomplish such collective mental you can use dialogues introduced in the 1980s by David Bohme. Use truthful communication mechanisms to get the truth.

The rules are:

  • No generalizations, because they are never true.
  • No accusations, because they are arrogant.
  • No speculations, because they are hypothetical.
  • No speeches, because communication must be authentic, intimate and confidential.

The group can take up any issue. Just add relevant statements, and you’d find the ultimate truth about that issue. You also experience a fusion of minds, on the same wavelength. So one powerful thought goes right through others like the string in a necklace.

Twenty to thirty minds synchronized. You can accomplish any task with such collective mental power. This is similar to computers synchronized to render artwork in the creation of movies like Ratatouille and Shrek. Those individuals couldn’t  claim to have accomplished that particular task, but each could say, “I was present, and I saw it take birth.”

It’s time you focus on understanding and exploring the feminine mind inside you.

Happy Women’s Day!

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    Really loved this article. Feminine mind likes to work with pure and powerful thoughts. Absolutely agree with each and every words.

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    I am speaking from the heart, I liked this article very much.

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