Focus on the self for spiritual growth

B.K. Nirwair

What is the way to progress on the spiritual path and become worthy of serving the world?

Merely listening to or studying spiritual knowledge is not enough. It has been observed that unless one reflects deeply on each point of spiritual knowledge, it cannot be understood clearly. That understanding has to be then converted into experience, for which one needs to practise the knowledge in one’s life. Experience shows us the reality of what we are aiming for in our spiritual effort.

God is known as the benefactor of the world, and His knowledge is likewise. Having faith and using that knowledge can only bring benefit, but in spite of having clear spiritual knowledge, the habit of being credulous in spiritual matters crops up in some souls.

Swayed by their feelings, they ignore simple spiritual truths and believe in things that appeal more to their emotional side. This leads them astray.

Some spiritual aspirants may not be very sophisticated, but their strong faith carries them forward on the spiritual path. They face few hurdles, and never become an obstacle for others by misleading them or creating conflict.

Some others, who have sharp intellects – particularly those who have studied philosophy or scriptures – can be conceited, and they argue over everything instead of trying to understand and experience what they have learnt. If we live by spiritual truths instead of debating them, it would greatly help improve the atmosphere in the world.

There is a lot of difference of opinion among people worldwide, which causes ill feeling and conflict. What is the solution to that? Focus on the self. Time is most valuable, and if spiritual aspirants stop wasting time and instead focus on having an elevated consciousness and serving others, it will be possible to create a climate of peace.

Our vibrations should be such that they inspire others to live a nobler life. If we pay attention to this, experiment with it, and see the results, we will realise its value. The first benefit will be that our time will not go to waste. Our state of mind will be so elevated that we will experience bliss that is independent of the senses.

Purity in our thoughts, words and behaviour brings such an experience. We can do this only when we are peaceful inside. If my mind is disturbed, how can I create any peace around me?

To remain focussed on one’s effort, one needs to have a high aim—of serving the world, including the elements of nature, through one’s spiritual qualities. Constant remembrance of this aim and determination to achieve it will help us grow spiritually.