Good Thoughts For Good Health

We all know that being physically active is good for our bodies. It’s also well known that our physical health and mental health are closely linked. Any kind of physical activity can be very beneficial for our mental health and wellbeing too. Today, medical professionals all over the world have accepted this fact that diseases such as diabetes, coronary artery disease and hypertension are a result of poor lifestyles and mental stress and tension. They now depend less on medicines and focus more on exercise and diet control.

It’s a proven fact that wrong lifestyles are the source of most physical ailments. Harmful lifestyles are rooted in the mind and seeded in the soul. Medical research has found that almost 85% of all diseases are psychosomatic in nature i.e they originate in negative mental states. In order to nip the evil in the bud, it is important to tackle the malady at the level of the mind. This involves checking and changing the pattern of our thoughts. If we sit down quietly for a while and observe the thoughts that arise in our mind, we will get an idea of where our mind is going. We will also realize what kind of thoughts give us joy and which ones give us pain. 

Invariably, thoughts associated with positive qualities, such as love, compassion, happiness, knowledge etc. make us feel better. On the other hand, thoughts linked to vices such as anger, ego, hatred, jealousy, etc.. produce discomfort and agitation. 

Research has proven that positive thoughts sustained over a long time produce positive health effects, while negative thoughts ultimately lead to diseases. In that case, it’s necessary for us to give our mind a positive direction so that we can always remain happy and healthy. 

Having control over our thoughts means having the ability to take the mind where we want, to keep it there for as long as we want and to withdraw it at our will. Practicing this frequently, starting with even a few seconds at first, will gradually give us more control over the mind. This will also reduce the negative and waste created in the mind which consumes a lot of our time and energy. While that is a rudimentary exercise to improve our concentration, to gain mastery over the mind, one requires some spiritual knowledge and exercise. For this, we need to know that we are souls and not bodies. The brain, which is part of the physical body, is just the hardware that enables the soul to control the body. The spiritual exercise of the mind involves taking the mind out of the physical body and remain in the eternal state of being a soul – a sentient point of light and power. 

Along with this exercise one also needs to have a proper mental diet in the form of pure thoughts that are necessary to keep the mind healthy. Creative thoughts are like vitamins as they maintain zeal and enthusiasm. Positive thoughts provide proteins that build will power. Thoughts of serving others are like carbohydrates, which provide energy to the mind. On the other hand, waste thoughts deplete mental energy and make us weak. Negative thoughts are like poison that wreck mental health, eroding our ability to make the right judgment, take correct decisions, tolerate negative situations or to face adversity. Such thoughts are seeded in the soul in the form of lust, anger, greed, attachment, ego etc. 

The most elevated thoughts arise in the state of meditation when the soul establishes a loving mental link with Supreme Source who is the Father of all souls, who is the Ocean of knowledge, love, peace and power. Through this link, our mind fills with virtues like contentment, courage, compassion, mercy and divinity, which elevates the soul and ultimately leads it to a divine status.

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