How to Handle the Crisis Within

Once parents left their three children for a very short while in their apartment. They were to return straightaway. The apartment was on the seventh floor.  

A fire broke out. The fire brigade arrived. The children stood at the window. The only way to save them was by getting them to jump out of the window. They cried, too afraid to jump. The parents returned and were dumb-founded seeing the scenario.

The mother was very upset and hysterical. She screamed at them asking them to jump. The more she got hysterical the more they froze. The firemen spoke to their father. He said ‘Look you’ve to make them jump but keep your voice calm. Keep speaking but remain very calm. Encourage them.’

He also advised to keep the mother away. So, the father did what  the fireman advised. Just keep it peaceful keep it clear. The father peacefully said ‘Remember I used to throw you in the air and then catch you when you were toddlers?  I am going to catch you now, so jump.’ And after a while, one after the other all the three kids jumped, and were saved

So where did the real crisis come from? The fire outside, or the response to the fire inside?

Today, everyone  talks about crisis. Crisis exist everywhere. Be it at an economic level, personal level, political level, or environmental level. Anything can happen anytime.

Globally systems fail to work. Governments try their best with various programs, policies, and plans. However, this doesn’t help much.

People look for ways and means to deal with crisis through  practical and gross methods. However this needs subtle level changes.

Everyone has the strength and resources to overcome these crisis. But without  relying on the external systems.

Einstein said that you cannot solve the problems with the same consciousness that created those problems.

All the plans made these days fail because people’s consciousness  doesn’t change.

What’s needed?
A change of
  •         consciousness
  •         thinking
  •         vision
  •         feeling
  •         attitude

Causes of crisis

People want security. Does security come from bank balance or material things? When you check within,   you find that security comes from your honest actions. The more you are honest with yourself, with others, and with your work, the more you feel secure.


When there is honesty and integrity in your actions you feel secure. And this develops trust. Trust in the self and trust in others. You trust only honest and responsible people.


Sometimes you feel helpless.

Can you do anything?

Yes, you can. All the systems that you see in the world, particularly social or scientific systems, usually began with one person.

There are Nursing Federations across the world. It started with a young English woman, Florence Nightingale. It was war time in Crimea. Soldiers were seriously injured and were not cared for. Many of them died. She decided to do something about it. Her family was against it because she was from an aristocratic English family. But her courage was commendable.   

Leonardo da Vinci, as a boy, thought about flying. People told him, if God wanted humans to fly He would give them wings. So, he should stop thinking about flying.

When Alexander Graham Bell had a vision to invent a device through which people could talk when miles apart, he was called insane. But finally, he invented the telephone.

Many such examples exist. We don’t realize how they first started.  They all started with inspiration, vision, courage, and commitment. All these resources were within them. All the resources you need are within you.

How to deal with these crisis?
Stop Complaining

Today, people have amnesia. Throughout the day people are lost in constantly doing something or the other or talking. If you don’t talk to others you talk to yourself. And most of the time these talks are full of complains. Complaining about the weather, Government, relatives, friends, health, family, society, etc. Complaining kills ones creativity to  overcome it.

Reflect and Refine

A man married five times. When all his relationships didn’t work, he was unhappy, and quite upset. When he approached a spiritual guru for advice, he asked: “What’s wrong with women these days?”

When a suffering or a crisis repeats in your life,  something in you makes it happen. If you notice a pattern repeating in your life, you need to change something. Something you really don’t want to see or change. It can be an attitude, a thought, or a behaviour. This needs to be examined.

Socrates said that an unexamined life is not worth living.

As you examine, you refine. As you refine you get better. It is like Science. Science is refined day by day. Look at the first computer and the present computer, or the first aeroplane and the latest one. The advances in medicine. All this happened because of reflection. Reflect, refine, and get better.

Sit back and examine:

  •         Why do my relationships fail?
  •         What is it that I am not willing to see or change?

Changing circumstances is not possible all the time. You also cannot change people. But you can change your attitude towards them. You can change the way you deal with situations.

Rather than getting frustrated or feeling like a victim, try to find ways to deal with situations or people with positivity and compassion.

Now the challenge is in spite of knowing this the world is at a mess.

What’s the reason?
Lack of peace

You need to be at peace with your body, your society, your country, your friends, your family, your work, and the world.

However, it begins with being at peace with yourself first. Your health starts improving. Your society, your family etc will then just be a mirror of your own state of being.

Peace is your fundamental power. You can get peace from nature as well. But you can’t always be with nature. Many times you are at peace when you are surrounded by your loved ones. But, this is also not always possible. So, it’s important to find peace within.

How does peace help?
Making better decisions

You connect with the peace inside you when you are silent. If you are stressed, angry, or upset, the peace within you gets disturbed. This disturbs how you discern situations. This affects your decisions. A stressed person will never make good decisions. Poor decisions impact others. This deeply affects the way others co-operate with you.  

Brings clarity

Peace brings clarity in thoughts. If you aren’t clear, you may do something wrong and it can take a long time to fix it.

People often think that being peaceful is not always possible. It is too passive. The reality is that these inner resources of peace and harmony help a lot in your daily practical life. Because someone who can remain in a certain self-mastery is able to find solutions.


You need peace to observe, to reflect, and to decide on how to do anything or overcome any crisis.

All this is easier said than done. It requires tremendous dedication, discipline, and a will to change. It needs to be practiced every day.

Your daily routine remains the same. But can you change the way you deal with yourself and people around  you?

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