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In everyone’s life, deeds play a very important role. It is rightly said that one must act consciously, maintaining a proper balance between one’s heart and head. This is because if we just act as per our heart, our actions will be totally based on our emotions which could be harmful. On the other hand, if we just follow our head, which is rather selfish, our actions would be self-centred and not for world benevolence.

There must be newness and improvement in each and every thought, word and action. In fact every moment we should check if the present moment is better than the past.  

As now we are moving towards 2019, there must be something new in our acts which must be totally different from what we have been doing so far. This is very important as we all are passing through a very critical phase. Syria which was a peaceful nation a few years ago is going through a civil war. The new superpower China is most likely to wage a war against USA. USA-Russia relations are as usual sour. In India, the issue of building of a Ram temple in Ayodhya is most likely to be aroused further and instigate the communal forces. This could lead towards a civil war in the country. Whatever may happen in 2019, one thing is pretty sure that truth will prevail.

How to celebrate the New Year 2019?

On New Year’s Eve, people in general, party lavishly, get drunk and keep dancing till the midnight. Many make their New Year resolutions as well. But these resolutions get broken very easily and early.

We are witnessing a juncture which is called Qayamat or Doomsday. It is the time when ignorance, irreligiousness, lawlessness, breakups and terrorism is seen everywhere. Any moment we can witness the third world war.

So, when the lives of our brothers and sisters are at stake how do we celebrate the New Year 2019?

Review 2018

The best way to celebrate the New Year is to first look at 2018. Bid it farewell by introspecting all the negatives and positives that happened in the year. And then learn from the mistakes.  And then make a grand welcome to the year 2019.

Surrender to The Supreme

There is a saying ‘if He brings you to it He will bring you through it’. Surrender to God and let Him take care.

Remain Calm

When the world is so chaotic the least we can do is to not add to the chaos. Just by remaining calm we can give positive vibrations to the world.

Finally, I’d like to wish all the readers a very happy and innovative new year 2019.


Time is less, destination is long

You have to walk quickly

Hey traveler of supreme austerity

You’ll have to create a new step.

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