International Women’s Day

Every year on 8th of March International Women’s Day is celebrated worldwide.  108 years have passed since 1911 when this was first celebrated. Many efforts have been made to empower women in all the ways possible and to bring about equality in society.

Notable among these efforts are that of Prajapita Brahma, the founding father of Brahma Kumaris. At a time, when there were lot of restrictions for women, he empowered a small group of women by teaching various skills and disciplined lifestyle. Though he was instrumental in establishing the Brahma Kumaris, yet he was humble enough to handovers the reins of administration to their hands after empowering them.  In this way, he kept women in front. He did this to ensure that there is equality in society.

The culture of India (Bharat) since ancient times has always been to keep women in front. Hence, the names of women were written or spoken first. Like Radha & Krishna, Lakshmi and Narayan, Seetha and Ram. It has always been “Ladies First” or Smt. and Sri. The western culture is Mr and Mrs.

However, due to various reasons including patriarchal society and archaic values, there is an imbalance, even at the present time, in gender equality.   In order to bring back the balance, there is an urgent need for women to be self-empowered and self-reliant. It is time for women to develop leadership qualities.

One way for self-empowerment is to maintain inner balance in various aspects of life. Here is a list of balance that are helpful:

  1. Being Loveful and Being Powerful:  It is natural for women to be loveful, to be caring. However, this has to be balanced with being powerful, strong inside.
  2. Being Responsible and Being Light and Easy:  It is necessary to be light and easy while being responsible. This ensures in doing the day to day duties with a carefree attitude.
  3. Being Flexible and Being Firm:  In a matter of choice, it is prudent to be flexible and in the matter of principles, it is prudent to be firm.
  4. Being Physically fit and Emotionally fit:  While a lot of attention is given to be physically fit, it is also important to be emotionally fit.

Self-empowered and self-aware women can become instruments to bring about gender equality without asking for it.

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