Kindness is a Gift for the Self and Others

Kindness is a Gift for the Self and Others

Kindness gives birth to kindness – Greek philosopher Sophocles

Kindness is the virtue of showing love. Having a merciful, sympathetic, affectionate, warm-hearted and considerate nature.

Kindness begins with small gestures such as saying ‘please’, ‘thank you’, ‘excuse me’, or ‘I am sorry’. It can also be offering a helping hand, waiting for your turn, returning a phone call, or even responding with a smile.

Everybody is a bundle of wonderful virtues and qualities. But for many, these lie dormant. The key to a fulfilled life is seeing, valuing and using these dormant virtues.

Be kind to yourself

My religion is kindness – Dalai Lama

Generally, people treat themselves very harshly. Being extremely critical, and punishing themselves has become second nature.

When did you last show affection to yourself? When were you patient with yourself?

Before being patient with others you need to be patient with yourself. Be your own listener. Listen to your past with patience. Once you do this you will find a precious, soft and often silenced voice within. This voice is that of your counselor. It has all the love and wisdom required to rekindle the sparkle inside you. It has the power to reinstate your self-worth and make your values a part of your character.

So, kindness begins from the self.

Being kind to others

Do things for people not because of who they are or what they do in return, but because of who you are – Harold S. Kushner

When you are kind to yourself you start being kind to others. You share your values and virtues with everyone. This, in turn, helps you value yourself further.

Donating money is valuable, but brings limited benefits. But, the feeling of having a valued life constantly increases even if you share love & joy with those in your immediate vicinity.

Develop kindness through meditation

The nectar of kindness is a sanctuary for the heart, a refuge for peace of mind and peace given to others.

Connecting with the quieter inner world this noisy outside world can get daunting. But once you manage to take out time for yourself you will surprise yourself.

When you gather strength in silence, you forgive what needs to be forgiven. You choose to live with confidence. You free yourself from your limiting behaviors and beliefs.

Meditation enables you to re-discover the self. This opens a channel to have a heart to heart conversation with Almighty. It allows you to penetrate progressively into the deeper levels of the mind. You peep into the hidden world of reality. It’s a technique of self-exploration. It leads to the experience of heightened and expanded awareness and reaching God

The main aim of meditation is to connect with and experience the love of The Almighty. You experience God’s unconditional love and realize that you are a creator of your environment. So, start meditating from today & rediscover yourself.

BK Nikunj

Rajyogi Brahma Kumar Nikunj is a young spiritual leader of the Brahma Kumaris.He's a living example of simplicity with depth, humility with courage, and wisdom with devotion.His life is the epitome of dedication, selflessness, and commitment towards self and world transformation.Born into a family of businessmen in Mumbai, as a child, BK Nikunj was a strong atheist. But, when he was 14, a chanced encounter with the spiritual legend Rajyogini Brahmakumari Nalini Didi ji totally changed his life.A linguist in 7 languages, he's been writing regular weekly columns for all the national dailies viz:DNA Times of India Indian Express Hindustan Times Mid day Dainik Jagran Rajasthan Patrika Lokmat Amar Ujala Kutch Mitra The Himalayan Times (Nepal) Hindustan Today (UK)He carries a blend of eastern spiritual wisdom, and western education and culture. This allows him to bridge understanding of cultures, with a high level of diplomacy and communication skills.His philosophy of life is: “Spirituality cannot be taught. It has to be experienced.”

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