Maanmana Bhava

Maanmana Bhava

The “Essence Of Gita” (Gita Saar) is: “Whatever happened in the past, happened for the good; whatever is happening, is happening for the good; whatever will happen in the future, will happen for the good only. Do not weep for the past, do not worry for the future, concentrate on your present life.”

So the quintessence of the holy Gita is in the words: ‘Manmana bhava.’

“Manmana bhava” means ‘surrender your mind to Me; do things for Me alone; offer your actions to Me in reverence.”

These verses are a firm assurance from God. In these, God guarantees that one who stabilizes his mind in Him and surrenders himself to Him, will be liberated from sorrows and bondages. The reason for such assurance is evident because attachments are the root cause of man’s miseries. Attachment to the body, relatives, possessions, country, culture etc. So, if man dedicates his mind to the God’s remembrance, and surrender’s his ego and attachments, he will be free from these entanglements.

These entanglements are implied by the words ‘My’, and ‘Mine’.

God’s Principles (Shrimat)

The Supreme Almighty advises us to follow the holy principles (Shrimat) He explains. These principles signify His will for His beloved children. When the devotees pray, promise to Him that they’ll follow what He says. Hence if we act according to His will, wish, and advice, we’ll succeed. If we act according to His will, our inner conflicts will end. We will work only as per His principles and hence become His divine instruments. This will wipe off our pride and attachments. It will also increase our capacity and efficiency. We will then be able to adjust ourselves easily and quickly in any situation. We will be free from past memories. Our thoughts will be only around The Almighty, and our duty towards Him and the world.

BK Nikunj

Rajyogi Brahma Kumar Nikunj is a young spiritual leader of the Brahma Kumaris.He's a living example of simplicity with depth, humility with courage, and wisdom with devotion.His life is the epitome of dedication, selflessness, and commitment towards self and world transformation.Born into a family of businessmen in Mumbai, as a child, BK Nikunj was a strong atheist. But, when he was 14, a chanced encounter with the spiritual legend Rajyogini Brahmakumari Nalini Didi ji totally changed his life.A linguist in 7 languages, he's been writing regular weekly columns for all the national dailies viz:DNA Times of India Indian Express Hindustan Times Mid day Dainik Jagran Rajasthan Patrika Lokmat Amar Ujala Kutch Mitra The Himalayan Times (Nepal) Hindustan Today (UK)He carries a blend of eastern spiritual wisdom, and western education and culture. This allows him to bridge understanding of cultures, with a high level of diplomacy and communication skills.His philosophy of life is: “Spirituality cannot be taught. It has to be experienced.”

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    Ajit Tiwari

    Om Shanti,
    I liked the article.
    Meditation brings an unbelievable change to life.

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    Peethambaran R

    Soul Conscious enabled one to keep himself cool, peace, calm and strong in taking decision and at work place going ahead with full spirits and courage. This itself will change one’s personality, behavior, and boost happiness within him. It enabled one “Living with high values, humility and principles.” Your article is fantastic . Excellent.

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