Deaddiction On World No Tobacco Day

The day 31st May is celebrated as “World No Tobacco Day”. Hence today, let’s understand the scientific and spiritual aspects of overcoming addictions.

What is an addiction?

Addictions are of different kinds. Addiction to substances such as tobacco, alcohol, drugs or towards gadgets, internet, shopping, etc. Addiction refers to someone looking for a desire (happiness or pleasure) or temporary gratification at a wrong place (cigarette or TV). The desire for happiness is very genuine, but the means to get it is wrong. No wonder happiness eludes them.

How to give up an addiction?

Giving up an addiction is simple. If a child is playing with a knife, what do you do? If you forcibly snatch the knife, they will resist and even injure themselves.

Instead, give the child a toy to play with. They will automatically leave the knife.

Similarly, when someone is shown the spiritual way to fill themselves with true happiness through spiritual knowledge and meditation, they automatically get rid of addictions and wrongdoings.

Without any force or discussions, you can get someone to free themselves of addictions. Just empower them by showing and inspiring them to follow the right spiritual path. This is the wonderful spiritual principle behind the various DeAddiction Camps organized by the Brahma Kumaris Organization. These have helped thousands overcome addictions.

Why people don’t give up an addiction?

The harmful impact of addiction to tobacco, opium, beer, wine, alcohol, ganja, cigarette, heroin, etc is known to all. Be it at a physical, emotional or financial level.

What is lacking is the power to change. This power is provided through the regular practice of Rajyoga meditation.

The positive and ameliorative effect of this meditation is so magical that many practitioners find their required de-addiction dosages of medicine go down drastically and finally finishing.

Impact of subtle addictions

The subtle addictions to gadgets, shopping, etc., give rise to consumerism and materialism. Some people associate smoking, alcohol, etc. with social status.

But, can an addiction really be a status symbol? Can making your precious mind slave to a small, insignificant and harmful external substance make you proud?

Addictions operate by stimulating a certain section of the brain responsible for pleasure. However, this being an unnatural way of experiencing pleasure, the dosage required to experience the same level of pleasure keeps increasing. This leads to chain smoking, heavy drinking, incorrigible addicts, etc.

Many tend to take addictions very casually. No wonder it is called occasional drinking! But, when a critical disease such as cancer is diagnosed, it leads to a lifetime of repentance, guilt, pain suffering and sorrow.

Therefore it is imperative to leave such dangerous pursuits and choose a life based on values, spirituality, peace, happiness, and stability.

If people around motivate you to take such substances or make fun of you when you choose to not consume them, remember they are not your well-wishers.

Leave these harmful addictions with determination irrespective of the barriers you might have to face.

Viral Raythatha

Being a fully qualified Actuary (there're only 350 fully qualified Actuaries in India, most working overseas!), BK Viral is an intellectual genius (1st in XIIth boards) & an accomplished spiritual writer.His articles are regularly published in 'The World Renewal', the premier English magazine of Brahma Kumaris, which has more than 2 lakh copies posted monthly worldwide. His personal blog 'Food for Thoughts' ( also receives visitors from over 100 countries.With lots of love for God, & a deep desire to benefit the world, he is indeed a shining example for the youth!

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