How To Make Time For Yourself

An antique church in a town.

The church’s condition was awful. People stopped visiting it because they feared it would collapse. Some people attempted repairs but all in vain.

Finally, no one visited the place. People completely forgot the church.

The church patrons called a meeting to discuss the next moves. They made a few proposals.

  • The first proposal was to totally dismantle the church.
  • The second was to construct a new church in place of the old.
  • The third was to use all the objects in the old church in the new church.
  • The fourth was to not dismantle the old church till the new church was constructed.

The end result – the old church still stands where it was. People still fear the place, and no one visits.

The story of humans is quite similar. People are glued to their old stuff. They want new stuff but don’t want to let go the old. They don’t realize until they let go of the old, they won’t have space for the new.

People want to forget the past but they are also attached to it. If you suggest them to build a new future to forego the past, they say they don’t have time. To build something new it takes effort, and effort requires time. No one has time.

Everyone complains they don’t have time. Everyone has an excuse to justify their statement.

Every object has three dimensions. Length, width, and depth. However, consciousness has a fourth dimension – time.

Of the various theories related to time, one is Einstein’s theory of relativity. When there is distress or sorrow, time seems to prolong. While at a wedding, time seems to fly.

This means, the same amount of time prolongs during sorrow and seems less when happy.

Happiness shortens time and sorrow prolongs it.

The amount of time is the same.

Reasons for not having time
  1. You start your day very late.
  2. You don’t live in the present. You always think about the past or the future.
  3. You don’t plan and organize your day.
  4. You don’t prioritize your activities.
  5. You don’t allocate time to the tasks at hand. You’re unable to figure out which task requires more time and vice versa.
  6. You are unaware of your time wasters.

People are just running and not aware of where they are running and why.

Sit back and ask yourself –

  • What is taking my time?
  • Why I don’t have time to do what is needed?

Make time to do the below activities. Once you do these, you’ll have more time.

Early Morning Meditation

The way you start your day creates a huge impact on how your day goes.

It’s not wise to start your day with the newspaper, Whatsapp, mobile, or social media. Because these contain more negativity than positivity. So beware what you fill yourself at the start of your day.

A few minutes of meditation is a good start of the day.


It’s a good practice to remain silent or talk as little as possible till you reach your office or start your work. Spend this time in introspection and self-analysis.

Connect with Nature

Mother nature is very dear to all. She has the power to heal, to bring the best in us. Great writers, poets, and artists came up with their best creations while with nature.

If possible, spend time with nature daily.

As soon as you connect with nature, you connect with your true self, with your own virtues.

Sitting at one place and pondering over problems and sufferings ruins your life. As soon as you go into the open, you discover unknown, hidden treasures and answers inside yourself.

Read spiritual literature

Such literature always gives you new insights and shows you a meaningful direction in life. Do this daily.

Talk to yourself

Ask yourself:

  • What do I want?
  • Where am I running?
  • What are my expectations from myself and others?

Talk your heart out as if you were talking to a counselor and see the magic.

Talk to God

You spend hours talking to others, but how much time do you spend talking to God?

There’s a saying  “one who gives God second place in life gives Him no place in life.”

Love, care and appreciate

How much time do you give in loving, caring, and appreciating your loved ones? Give them time because they stand by your side when you’re in trouble.

Eat mindfully

How do you eat? Do you eat in a hurry? Do you practice gratitude while eating?

Eat as if you were praying because food creates a direct impact on your mind.


End your day by checking yourself:

  • Did  I hurt someone?
  • Did  I practice gratitude?
  • Did  I waste time anywhere?
  • All that  I should and shouldn’t have done.

Identify your areas of improvement and try not to repeat them the next day.

Diary writing

Note the self-analysis you did. Also, write all that you did the whole day. Address this to God as if you were writing a letter to Him detailing all that you did.

Revise your diary every Sunday

On Sunday when you read your diary, you’ll realize that an issue which seemed big was actually such a trivial one.

Even if you practice these for a week,  you’ll feel in better control of your life. Once you feel you’re in control, you’ll be able to do all that you want to do. You’ll also feel that your energy levels increased, giving you more strength to cope with the unpleasant,  uncertain, and the unknown.

Next week we’ll look at a few more dimensions to manage time.

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