The importance of values in today’s world

B.K. Jayanti

Wherever we look today, we see the breakdown of society, in terms of family life, religion, the environment, the economy and governance. This fragmentation and collapse of our world seems to be deeply connected with a loss of human values – a view that is becoming increasingly prevalent across the globe.

People are now more willing than ever to explore our common human values – those qualities that elevate and unite us and which are the source of our own inner dignity and that of all others. Values are now high on the agenda of governments, schools, hospitals and businesses. However, whilst espousing and celebrating values is very important, what is essential is to be able to actually live our lives by them. That is where the challenge lies. In fact, it could be said that the greatest cause of unhappiness today is our inability to act according to our values. So, we need to understand what it is that prevents us from doing what in our hearts we want to do – what takes away our power – and how we can help ourselves to experience our own greatness.

The original state of every human being is goodness. The discovery of this is the wonderful discovery of our own inner dignity and our own value.

As we explore the inner self, we discover the original qualities of love, peace, happiness, wisdom and purity, which are the core values of the self.

We need to foster these values and use them in our lives and in our work. Relationships then become a give and take with happiness and love, rather than expectation and demand.

We start to respect ourselves, others, the laws of the world and the laws of nature. We experience an inner contentment that frees us from the tyranny of desires and needs.

Values give us an understanding of a different paradigm from which to operate, rather than the materialistic, consumer society. They are the agents for change within the individual which then lead to transformation in a community or country.

So, let us work together to empower and sustain values and their practical implementation in personal, family, community and work life at this precarious time in order to create a world of unity and harmony.