The signs of a powerful soul

B.K. Atam Prakash

What is the sign of the high stage of powerful souls by which one can tell that they are not ordinary people?

Firstly, such individuals are not perturbed or surprised by anything. They see nothing new in an unexpected development; their calmness and assurance give the impression that they have been through such situations before. They do not wonder why something has happened or how it could happen.

Secondly, they do not have to make an effort to compose themselves in the face of sudden adversity. No matter how grave the situation is, to them it appears as a minor issue. They remain detached and unaffected by things that others find alarming.

The reason for this is their point of view. Just as when one is standing on a mountaintop, everything in the plains below appears tiny, and even a large factory looks like a doll’s house, one whose mental stage is elevated sees even big problems as trifles.

Since they perceive the larger picture from their high stage, they are able to discern things correctly and take the right decision. So, their words are meaningful and fruitful, and they succeed in their efforts.

They have also moved beyond the stage of making mistakes and then regretting them. Let alone do something wrong, they do not even think or speak unnecessarily – their time, energy and efforts never go to waste.