Tips To Calm Your Mind

People have a lot of information these days. Many times an overload of information causes chaos in the mind. Though there’s a lot of information people lack wisdom these days. 

 Let’s start with these questions 

  • Do you work for happiness?
  • Do you work for money and happiness?
  • Do you work for money? 

Working for happiness means you achieve a milestone at work, and the milestone gives you happiness. 

 Work in happiness means that you achieve your milestone in happiness and peace.

 Everybody is running these days. 

By 2020 India will be the world diabetes capital. By 2021, 70% of the world population is not going to sleep properly and will suffer from depression. 

 Conflicts in the world will continue to rise if conflicts in the mind are not stopped. 

Everybody is thinking constantly. The energy field of any place is dependent on the energy radiated from the minds. No wonder when people visit a church the atmosphere is different and when the same people visit a mall the atmosphere is different. Same people radiating different thoughts in different places. 

 Screen-free Bedroom

If you generate negative, aggressive and conflicting energy anywhere, be it your bedroom or work the energy field of that place will go down. These days bedrooms have the energy of violence and lust shown on television. No wonder many people find it difficult to sleep. 

You keep talking, seeing, hearing and discussing negative. You feed your mind with negativity and then you think that thinking negative is a natural phenomenon. 

 Create positive thoughts for everyone

  Everybody wants the world to change but nobody wants to bring a change in their own life. You are responsible for bringing the change in this world and it starts with your own life. 

 Create only positive thoughts for anyone you meet. Even if your mind starts thinking of their negatives consciously think of the good qualities they have. This will bring a major change to your relations.

Happiness is not a destination, it’s a journey

 The best way to experience happiness is by giving it to everyone. Irrespective of what that person has done to you. 

Someone gave you pain 10 years back. You are still carrying it. You create negative thoughts when that person comes to your mind or even in front of you. It’s because you have given space to that person in your mind. 

Learn to forgive and forget in your life

 Why are you carrying the burden of something that happened to you years or days back? Because you wait for that person to come back and apologize. The other person thinks he has done right. They might not apologize but on the contrary, may give you a deeper wound. 

Healing has to happen inside your own mind. Forgive and forget. 

 In the war of ego, the loser always wins. 

 The kind of karma you create in this life is what you’re going to carry with you.

 Don’t just earn money in your life. The value of money can be lost in a second. Create a good karma bank for yourself. 

 If you earn millions but if that money is accompanied by the negative energies and curses from people it’s never going to bring peace, love, and happiness to you. 

 Any profession that runs on honesty, and on good karma is going to give you happiness. Where there are health and happiness money will automatically flow in your life.

 Every day you have negative energy around you. People will throw garbage on you. 

Start your day in silence

Start your day with 5 to 10 minutes of silence. Your Facebook status or Whatsapp messages should come later. 

 Silence heals you. When you connect in silence with the higher frequency of God that gives you energy. 

 Don’t end your day with television, Facebook or Whatsapp messages. These carry negative or wasteful energy. 

End your day with deep silence

Even if you end sleep at 12 am make sure you take out time for silence. Silence gives rest to your mind, body and also your bed. It heals you. 

Talk to yourself ‘today was a great day and if I had done wrong for anyone inadvertently I ask for forgiveness’.

 Lighten your mind, the thoughts which you carry to your bed shape your dreams.

 10 minutes of silence along with light music and positive thoughts is going to heal you. 

If you change this equation that my thoughts can create a beautiful world and if you see your life become beautiful, you can transform your whole life. 

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