To become perfect, be influence-proof

B.K. Dr Savita

Being perfect means not having any defect. If there is a defect in the soul, it is a sign that one has come under the effect of some weakness.

Just as the body becomes ill when it is affected by the weather or unsuitable food, the soul gets a defect when it is influenced by a weakness. As long as one comes under any kind of influence, one cannot be free of defects and become perfect. So, one must aim to become influence-proof.

To avoid any kind of effect on the soul, one has to always watch out. When summer is approaching, if one prepares for it in advance one would be called sensible, but if that is not the case, one might be affected by the hot weather and fall ill. Just as one is careful about one’s physical health, one has to look after the health of the soul.

Most people know what weakness affects their thoughts and behaviour. For some it may be ego, for others greed, attachment, or fear. In spite of knowing our main weakness, we are sometimes subordinated to it because of naivety.

We fail to discern the true nature of people and circumstances and, as a result, take the wrong decisions. Subliminally we may have the feeling that what we are going to do may be wrong, but we dismiss such misgivings and convince ourselves that we are on the right track. When the result of our action proves to be contrary to our expectation, we realise our error of judgment.

To avoid such mistakes, we need to keep our mind clear of any influence so that we can see things as they are and act accordingly. In life, that means keeping the right company and having the right diet, not just of the body but also of the soul, in terms of what we think, watch, read and listen to.

When we are constantly vigilant in this manner, we can save ourselves from coming under any kind of effect and become perfect.