A message for Diwali – from an Olympian

The most profound need of the human spirit is to love and be loved, to belong and to manifest the highest principles, values and virtues, through thoughts, words and deeds. Irrespective of the culture, nation, gender or beliefs; when there is a pure feeling of belonging, souls long to contribute to the service of humanity.

In the same way that Krishna lifted the Govardhan mountain, to shelter his people during challenging times, the call of time now is for us to hear the need of the world for a shelter of peace, love, happiness, wisdom and purity; to make the world a place of safety, warmth, light and love.

When we listen to our own spiritual needs and serve the self and others, we receive the return of blessings from our own good karma, from God and others. We create a protective atmosphere for each one to be free to be who they really are; living beings, living lights of energy.

In Greek mythology, Prometheus stole fire from Zeus to give it to the people in the form of a torch. It is believed that then the use of the fire allowed people to progress in science. This myth is also said to be the origin of the Olympic flame, a symbol that keeps giving the message of hope and peace worldwide.

But where is the light in the world today? Is there any form of physical light that is able to sustain our inner happiness? From my experience, even participating in the Olympic Games or in the Olympic torch relay, nothing can spread enough light to heal all traces of sorrow in the world today. In fact, Covid 19 put a stop to the Olympic Games in Tokyo and the Olympic torch relay in Greece. It was as if this symbol of hope to unify the world was put on hold.

When we ignite our inner flame, the soul flame, in the centre of our forehead, we are capable of achieving mastery over our mind, intellect and sanskars. We can take refuge in deep silence and have the realization of how powerful silence is and how great change, on a personal and universal scale, is possible.

On a subtle level, spirituality provides us with an unlimited platform from which to spread the message of the silence of peace through the power of the mind, crossing all borders and reaching all peoples.

This Diwali, let us reflect on the power of our inner flame, the soul, and its power to overcome the sorrow and darkness of the past. Let us ignite the inner flame to celebrate the whole year. Let us give to the world the gift of becoming the change we wish to see.

Photo by Ravi Roshan from Pexels