Be Open-Minded To New Ideas & Knowledge

Open-minded to new ideas & knowledge

Most of us have a deep quest to know the truth that is complete and unmixed. However, it has been learnt from experience that, in general, when a man is told the truth which does not square well with his present belief, he does not accept it, or, at least, he puts up a strong resistance towards it. History is a witness to the fact that man has so much attachment to his existing beliefs that not only does he offer resistance to new ideas and knowledge but also he becomes even intolerant to the new thoughts so much so that he commits violence and indulges in destructive acts. This prejudice towards new thought or new knowledge is built not merely by people’s ignorance or attachment to old beliefs but also by established schools or institutions of learning. They have been resisting any such thing reaching the hands of the masses that contradicted what is stated in the course books or the authorised versions. This continues even till today though to a lesser degree. Because the educated people nowadays are more open to new ideas and the educational institutions also now encourage research on many topics which were untouched till date. There is thus some change in the environment as compared to what it was about a hundred or fifty years ago. But the in-built prejudice towards new thought and resistance to new beliefs has not yet completely vanished. Also, there are religious fanatics around the world who still threaten those with death who vehemently express their opposite beliefs and try to influence the general mentality of society.

It should be remembered that false knowledge or ignorance builds up deep prejudice, hatred and emotional attachment which lead people to violent reactions. Hence, in order to remove prejudice and hatred, it’s base which is – false knowledge will have to be removed. And, for that, the truth will have to be told. When the truth is told, false knowledge will feel threatened, will generate hate and violent reaction. So, we should try to devise methods that can stop false knowledge from putting up violent reactions rather than putting up the pressure so that the Truth be not given expression. We must understand the fact that those people who show resistance to or opposition against new ideas or knowledge are very small in numbers and hence we must bear in mind that this has always been the case with preachers of new ideas and that initially, only a small number of people would accept new knowledge. However, as time goes by, more and more people start accepting the truth. Remember! The truth of the knowledge should not be judged by the small number of people who accept it but by the change it brings about in the life of those who accept it. Hence, we must now rise up from deep slumber and give up our resistance and opposition and should learn a lesson from history and start recognizing and accepting new ideas and knowledge which would help in bringing about a great transformation worldwide.

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