Eat Beans And Not Beings

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We are what we eat.

The kind of food that we eat has a direct impact on our minds and how we think. Studies by modern medical science suggest that the human body is not naturally designed to digest and assimilate non-vegetarian food. Many medical practitioners recommend a healthy vegetarian diet for patients who suffer from lifestyle disorders. Studies also show that when an animal is killed for meat, it experiences fear, anxiety, and pain. Its hormonal secretions are then passed on to its consumers. Such a diet is unhealthy both for the body and the mind. In many religions also, a non-vegetarian diet is strictly forbidden. Apart from causing suffering to animals, it’s a source of vicious thoughts and attitudes to its consumers. Non-vegetarian food is a gateway to a non-vegetarian lifestyle. A way of living where vices dwell comfortably. Human cruelty towards animals is a way of inviting cruelty on to self. Also, the current trend of mass consumption of flesh highlights the way we look at other living beings and our desire to subjugate them. It also represents our desire to tame nature to our will. Exploit her for our gains. Thereby inducing a belief system that justifies violence in the name of need and necessity.

The mass consumption of non-vegetarian food is a way of heaping sin upon the human community. Peace marches, dialogues, and conferences can’t bring peace to the planet when we are burdening it with desperate cries of hapless creatures. For what we sow, so shall we reap.

It’s ironic that the meat-eating developed countries of the world have stringent laws when it comes to treating a pet. It’s ensured that if the pet is hurt, the owner can even be imprisoned. However, in these very countries, millions of animals are killed daily for food. It’s surprising that many pet lovers are non-vegetarians. It’s because they are unable to connect with the cruelty that goes behind making such food. There is a recommendation to find humane methods of animal slaughter. The contention here is what can be more inhuman than nourishing an animal to kill it one day. What’s crueler than subjecting animals to a life of captivity that only leads them to a merciless end? What’s crueler than killing animals in front of each other. While one is bleeding to death, the other watches in horror and waits for its turn.

Does our conscience need a rational argument to realize that killing animals is a form of cruelty? Do we need facts and figures to understand that cruelty can never bring good health? A heart that does not sigh at the sight of violence can’t be a source of compassion for other fellow men? How do we expect people who do not nurture the feeling of kindness for other living beings to nurture feelings of brotherhood and forgiveness for their own community?
Just give it a thought and then decide whether to kill or heal. Learn to live above the self when life is precious to all. Let there be the right to live for all & not just Human Rights.

Image by Ryan McGuire from Pixabay

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