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Diwali festival india

As Diwali falls on the day of “Amavasya”, which is symbolized by darkness, there is a competition among each household to the light maximum number of attractive lamps inside and outside the house. While cleaning our house we should also remember to clean-up our minds.

Through self-introspection we should try to locate and remove once for all the filth that has gathered within us and which we are unable to get rid of even through repeated efforts. Just as we take the help of various external aids to clean up our house so also we have to take the help of the treasure of knowledge, powers, virtues and experience given to us by the Supreme Almighty.

There is also a tradition of exchange of gifts, confectioneries etc. on this occasion. Everyone also greets each other and exchange good wishes, as Diwali is followed by New Year. Hence people greet each other so that the New Year brings in a lot of peace, bliss and prosperity in everyone’s lives.

We have been celebrating this festival earlier also and will be doing so henceforth, however, we need to understand the spiritual significance of this festival in order to celebrate it with greater vigour and effect. If we are not aware of its significance, then we should enquire with learned people and try to imbibe these values practically in our thoughts, words and actions while celebrating Diwali.

With the help of these learned souls, who are ever ready to help us, we should keep lighted the lamp of knowledge within us and try to enlighten everyone so that we can become helping hands in this process of world transformation by the Supreme Father.

Source:- Free Press Journal

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