Role of god in our life

Canvas painting depicting ‘What does God do and what He does not.’ At the center, there is a bright point of light representing God. The overall design is simple and serene, emphasizing the concept of a divine presence as a point of light.

God – What He Does and Doesn’t Do in Our Lives

When we ponder the role of God in our lives, it evokes a sense of connection to something beyond the physical realm, a guiding light that offers strength, wisdom, and love. Understanding God’s role involves recognizing what He does for us and what He doesn’t do, shaping a relationship based on trust, reverence, and spiritual growth.

The Loving Guide and Parent

God is often perceived as the Supreme Parent, constantly guiding and nurturing us. He is a source of infinite love and compassion, providing us with the strength to face life’s challenges. This perspective of God as a caring parent is beautifully explained in teachings of Brahma Kumaris which emphasize that everything in our life, whether positive or negative, is not orchestrated by God but is a result of our own actions over many lifetimes. However, God stands by us, offering help and support when we need it most.

The Ocean of Wisdom

One of the profound roles of God is that of the Supreme Teacher. He possesses the ultimate wisdom about the soul, the self, and the cyclical nature of the world drama. God shares this spiritual wisdom with us, helping us understand the deeper truths of life and the universe. This wisdom empowers us to navigate through our life’s journey with a clear sense of purpose and direction. By knowing and connecting with God, we gain insights that resolve our life’s dilemmas and enhance our spiritual growth.

The Giver of Strength and Empowerment

God’s role is not to intervene directly in the karmic outcomes of our actions but to empower us to face these outcomes with courage and integrity. He provides us with the spiritual strength and knowledge to perform good actions and to deal with the consequences of our past actions effectively. This empowerment helps us transform our lives positively and achieve a higher state of consciousness.

The Creator and Sustainer

In the broader context of the world, God is seen as the Creator, Sustainer, and Transformer. He plays a pivotal role at the end of the Iron Age, transforming the world from its current state of chaos and impurity to the Golden Age, filled with peace, purity, and happiness. This transformative role involves purifying human souls and nature, filling them with positive spiritual energy, and setting the stage for a new cycle of time.

What God Does Not Do

It is crucial to understand what God does not do. God does not interfere with the law of karma by directly altering the outcomes of our actions. This understanding reinforces that while God is always there to guide and support us, our actions and their consequences are our own responsibility.

Building a Relationship with God

Developing a close and personal relationship with God involves knowing Him deeply—understanding His nature, qualities, and the wisdom He imparts. Meditation is a powerful tool in this process, allowing us to connect with God and experience His love and peace. Through regular meditation and remembrance of God, we fill ourselves with His divine qualities, which transform our lives profoundly.

God’s role in our lives is multifaceted. He is our Supreme Parent, the Ocean of Wisdom, the Giver of Strength, and the Transformer of the world. While He empowers and guides us, He respects the law of karma. By understanding and connecting with God, we embark on a journey of spiritual empowerment and transformation, leading us to a life of peace, love, and joy.

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