Invaluable Teachings By Dadi Prakashmani

We need to be the conqueror of attachment. Only those who constantly have the one Supreme Being, in their vision can conquer attachment. If you have thoughts such as “this is my relative, my property, my specialty…”, then this “I” and “mine” will not allow you to conquer attachment. Where there is “I”, there cannot be any humility.

Pay attention that there is no dirt in your hearts. Lying, cheating, gossiping, etc. fills your intellect with rubbish. Condemning others, considering yourself to be innocent while blaming others is also not a sign of a clean heart. Those who have honesty and cleanliness are very humble-hearted. Those with a clean heart will realize and rectify their mistakes.

The bad company completely spoils you. It creates self-doubts. So, take very good care of the company you keep.

You need to have the wisdom to pick up virtues from everyone. Someone may have a very good virtue of tolerance, so let learn from them. If you have enthusiasm, then you’ll be able to pick up virtues from others.
There will be a conflict of interest in gatherings. Two people living together will not agree in their ideas. One will say, “This is bad” and the other will say, “this is bad”. However, there has to be something good in each one. So, talk to one another seeing goodness. When you look at the goodness, then the bad things will automatically be hidden away.
Do not hold any grudges against anyone in your heart. The reason for any fighting is hatred. Thinking about others begins with hatred, and then there is enmity with one another. First, there will be jealousy, and then hatred will come, then there will be thoughts about others, and then the enmity will begin. Sometimes, just one word makes someone an enemy for life and so you need to pay a lot of attention to your words. Do not speak a single word that will create pain in someone’s heart.

The nature of stubbornness is the greatest defect. It causes a lot of damage. Stubbornness can take a person to the depths of hell. Do not deceive yourself with the nature of being stubborn. Co-operate with one another, give advice, and if someone is being stubborn, just become light.

Become humble to bring about the renewal. If someone is saying something forcefully, then accept it at that time and you just remain cool. Do not debate it among yourselves. Later, considering the right time, have a heart-to-heart conversation about it. Your humility will definitely create an impact on others. Do not talk about one person with another. Remain busy in self-contemplation.
The virtue of tolerance is a great power: it is the greatest virtue of all. Those who are tolerant are equal in all situations: happiness and sorrow, praise and defamation, respect and disrespect. In order to maintain a constant and stable stage, you need tolerance.


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