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The human mind has amazing and extraordinary capacities. It can create, remember, evoke and travel into the past and future. Everything that is visible, every particle of matter that we touch and feel first had its blueprint in the human mind. In other words, everything outside is a physical manifestation of what is inside. Everything in the universe was first born as a thought.

Depending on the quality of the thought it can soothe with peace or disturb the self and others. Each thought brings along a chain of other thoughts of a similar nature. Put together they can gain momentum to create desirable or undesirable results.

Slow, light, and positive thoughts create a peaceful and prosperous world. Chaotic, fast, and negative thoughts are destructive like a hurricane. These can destroy everything that’s been nurtured for years. A thought gives birth to an idea that may spread like wildfire or bring about a revolution. It’s the mother of all change. For the better or for the worse. The saying ‘think of the devil and the devil appears’ is quite appropriate. As soon as you create the devil in the mind its arrival is inevitable.

The present era is dominated by vices, wickedness, and devilish tendencies. Hence, the speed and intensity of negative thoughts is much greater than the positive ones which are very few. Positive thoughts fritters away before implementation. It’s because of the great momentum of the internal weak and negative thoughts and the external environment.

Under such circumstances, the practice of meditation lends power to our thoughts. It helps us realize our positive and pure intentions by reinforcing and re-programming our minds. By wiping off our weaknesses, it emerges our original, eternal spiritual qualities of peace. It unleashes the vast positive capacity of our thoughts.

It helps us create an internal positive environment that is independent of the external vicious world. So much is its capacity that in its most powerful stage our mind could even transform the outside negative vibrations and situations into positive ones. So take a pause to check what kind of thoughts are being created in your mind. These will decide the degree of happiness and satisfaction. And these will shape the kind of world you are creating for yourself every moment. Monitor your thoughts to see what you are creating. What are the tendencies that are being watered and which are the ones that are being allowed to droop? Take charge to consciously create positive thoughts and destroy the evil ones. Take charge to create well what you would receive a few steps away from now.


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