Over a period of time, water freezes and forms ice cubes when kept in an ice tray. Similarly, perceptions of different people and events take a rigid form with time. These rigid perceptions keep coming up to the surface of
‘However hard I try, I can never keep them happy’ – Have you ever faced such situations in your relations? Do you meet people who tend to consume most of your energy? You are left drained after they are gone.
Humans beings have the capacity to experience both positive and negative emotions. Sadness, anger, happiness, sympathy and the list is endless. Out of all these one very powerful and dominating emotion is jealousy.   Identifying jealousy   Is the honest
Nowadays, people are not happy with what they have or what they are because they are worried about the praise and attention of others. What is interesting is, we want to be happy to show others how happy we are… we
People often say life without stress and worry is impossible. While some consider stress as natural, others say stress is good. Some believe that stress and worry will bring solutions to problems. While the opinions vary a lot it is
Sometimes while undergoing a change we notice the external symptoms have faded away. However we fail to read or ignore the subtle symptoms. E.g. you have made a resolve of not getting angry and be loving and friendly with your
Sometimes when you initiate a change, you find the motivation drying up very fast. You are not able to sustain the same zeal and enthusiasm that you had started with. There is something within you which is pulling you back,
It is said that ‘old habits die hard’. Let us discover how far it is true and what can be done to change it. Each of us have habits we would like to change but despite putting in lots of