Today, many people are sleep deprived and find it hard to enjoy quality sleep. Sleep is vital for your well-being. Let’s explore this aspect further. Sleep creates a strong impact in striking a balance between your mind and body.
It is important to create awareness amongst men who indulge in crimes against women to treat other women with respect as they treat their own sisters for whose well-being they feel responsible.      The Festival of Rakhi has a
Following The Golden Sparrow Model Bharat was once known as ‘Sone ki Chidiya’ or The Golden Sparrow. Man, nature and animals lived in peace and harmony. There was truth and non-violence, prosperity and well-being.Unity was the hallmark of the Indic
Power in this mundane world comes with several shades of good and bad. We know that power corrupts. More often than not, a person in power is on a roller coaster ride rather than a smooth one. Power comes with
Every human being yearns for peace and happiness. These two states of mind have little to do with gross objects. There is another experience, which is the highest, and is independent of worldly objects and senses – that of bliss.
Mental tension is the cause of the crimes in the world. Many diseases are also due to psychological imbalance, nervous strain and hypertension. In order to feel relaxed, some people, now-a-days, take tranquilizers, smoke marijuana or use LSD drugs but