Very rarely you come across people who don’t access social media. It’s a part of everybody’s life or even DNA. While there is nothing wrong with it, social media can cause many issues. Addiction, depression, poor mental and physical health continue reading
International Yoga Day was observed a few weeks back. Everybody then was talking about yoga. It’s unbelievable how this euphoria has touched the hearts of people across 195 countries. How did the International Day of Yoga start? It started with the Indian continue reading
Once, the son of a rich businessman went to his guru for advice. He was not able to sleep. The guru told him to visit the ashram the next day. The son did as instructed. The guru made him work continue reading
People ask me many questions on sleep. Let me answer a few of them here.What is sleep? Sleep is a mechanism of the soul. A mechanism to detach from the sense organs & the external environment. The stage that is continue reading
Today, the whole world is in chaos. The human race is in pain and suffering more than ever before. Crime is happening in every sector. Be it religion, politics or science. These three key sectors have miserably failed to function continue reading
Kindness gives birth to kindness - Greek philosopher Sophocles Kindness is the virtue of showing love. Having a merciful, sympathetic, affectionate, warm-hearted and considerate nature. Kindness begins with small gestures such as saying ‘please’, ‘thank you’, ‘excuse me’, or ‘I continue reading
World Environment Day is a UN Environment-led global event. It takes place on June 5 every year since it began in 1972. UN Environment provides leadership in caring for the environment. Their mission is to provide leadership and encourage partnership in continue reading
The day 31st May is celebrated as “World No Tobacco Day”. Hence today, let’s understand the scientific and spiritual aspects of overcoming addictions.What is an addiction? Addictions are of different kinds. Addiction to substances such as tobacco, alcohol, drugs or towards continue reading
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