B.K. Maria The most profound need of the human spirit is to love and be loved, to belong and to manifest the highest principles, values and virtues, through thoughts, words and deeds. Irrespective of the culture, nation, gender or beliefs;

B.K. Dr. Nirmala When we think of mercy, some related words come to mind, such as pity, sympathy and compassion. Pity is to feel sorry for someone but not do anything about it. We look at the poor or those

B.K. Atam Prakash On the spiritual path, we can measure our progress by checking three things: (1) to what extent do we reflect on our true, spiritual self, the soul; (2) how pure and positive are our thoughts about others;

Mike George Some people believe that being in nature is a kind of spirituality in itself. They believe nature provides them with both, the food they eat and the spiritual sustenance they often crave. Those who believe God or the

Without religion science is lame and without science religion is blind, said Albert Einstein. Most of us would agree with what he has said. There is no doubt in it that modern society has surpassed many cross roads but real

B.K. Brijmohan It is said that truth is God. That which is true is eternal. The first truth is that we are immortal spiritual beings, or souls. All material things, including our body, are resources used by the soul. Our

B.K. Mohan Singhal Inner discord is the root of all disharmony. It disturbs harmony in the family, in society, and the harmony in our relationship with nature. Harmony exists at four levels. The first is harmony within the self –

B.K. Usha Everyone wants to succeed in life, but those who achieve success are not all alike. They can be classified into three types: the stars of success, the lucky ones, and the hopeful ones. The stars shine brighter than