As children, we were told by our grandparents that when someone dies they become a star in the sky. However, when we grow up to face the stark reality of death we don’t find ourselves prepared to face it. What about
Love is considered to be a great power which is said to give a new life to people. It turns impossible into possible. It is also believed that true and unconditional love leads one to happiness. Experience says that when
  Our great freedom fighters sacrificed their lives for the nation. On 15th August, 1947, India became independent from the British Empire. Some freedom fighters were revolutionary, and others believed in truth and non-violence. Few most prominent among them were
  18th January, Smriti Divas (Day of Remembrance) is one of the most celebrated occasions across all the centers of Brahma Kumaris in the world. On the same day, in 1969, Brahma Baba left his corporeal body. Dada Lekhraja was
In Indian culture, the festival of Makara Sakranti is very prominent and significant. It commemorates the beginning of the harvest season and cessation of the northeast monsoon in Southern India. It is a great coincidence that in various regions of
Recent ceasefire violations in border areas have raised serious questions in everybody’s minds. People are wondering was lies in near future. There is a fear that the war that is being waged in the name of justice and freedom from
Every man is the architect of his own life. However, when something goes wrong, we immediately start looking for someone or something to blame. While shaping our lives, let’s sit back and reflect how much time and energy we spend
In everyone’s life, deeds play a very important role. It is rightly said that one must act consciously, maintaining a proper balance between one’s heart and head. This is because if we just act as per our heart, our actions