We need to conqueror of attachment. Only those who constantly have the one Supreme Being, in their vision can conquer attachment. If you have thoughts such as “this is my relative, my property, my speciality…”, then this “I” and “mine”

Christmas and Easter are the two important festivals in Christianity. Christmas is about the birth of Jesus and Easter is about his death and coming back to life. Eggs being an apt symbol of coming to life celebrating Easter with

May each of you live long and remain happy! Never remember that which is past. That which is unnecessary should not be remembered. That which is necessary should not be forgotten. I simply have to remember who I am and

We should distribute happiness, shouldn’t we? Is there anyone who is not happy? Or are you happy sometimes and not at other times? We should dance in happiness. When someone dances well, their feet are above the ground. There is

For over 80 years she asked audiences on all continents to consider 3 questions: Who am I? Who do I belong to? What is the task of this time? The answers: You are a soul You belong to God This

Sleep is a natural process. It’s really sad, people are not able to sleep these days. In my previous articles, I have covered a few generic questions around sleep, sleep hygiene and sleep management techniques.  There’s another important mechanism that

Just like hunger, sleep is a natural process. You don’t have to do anything to feel hungry. Similarly, you don’t need to do anything to fall asleep.  But if you find yourself struggling with sleep in spite of following the

The celebrations of Maha Shivratri take place when the winter cold has departed, and the pleasant fragrance of flowers fill the air. Temple bells ring all around. They draw everyone’s attention towards the Greatest of the great: the Supreme Soul,