Rapid Rise in Crime Curve

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Today, the whole world is in chaos. The human race is in pain and suffering more than ever before. Crime is happening in every sector. Be it religion, politics or science. These three key sectors have miserably failed to function the way they should.

Religious practices, government laws, or facilities by science have not been able to improve the world condition.

These sectors have deviated from their normal course, lost their essential traits, and degraded to the lowest level.

The Powers of Religion, Politics & Science
Religion is meant to show human beings the righteous path necessary to maintain social harmony. Today it has become a perpetrator of conflict.

Religion has failed to uphold moral values in society. The ever-increasing rape & molestation cases at homes, workplaces, public places & even religious places are proof.

Politics is also in a state of crisis. No government anywhere in the world is corruption-free. Laws made for the benefit of the common public are mere eyewash. People in power go scot-free after breaking laws. Sometimes even the laws are biased.

Science and technology are a result of human’s search for a better life. It harnessed and channelized natural resources for human consumption. However today, the energy tapped from nature has gone out of human control. Science has violated the laws of nature. Hence, it has become the root cause of environmental imbalance. This has led to a rise in natural calamities. Modern scientific advancement was meant to help humans to live better lives. However, it has led to the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.

The Rise in Crime
Crime pervades everywhere. People are living under the threat of losing their lives, property, and honor. Crimes are defined as acts or omissions forbidden by law that can be punished by imprisonment and/or fine. Murder, burglary, rape, drunken driving, failure to pay taxes, etc are common examples.

However, criminologists say that to understand crime, focus on the fundamental attributes of criminal behaviors rather than on criminal acts. Instead of understanding crimes such as homicide, robbery, embezzlement, heroin use, etc, identify what they all have in common.

Volumes have been printed to reduce and prevent crime. New methods have been developed to deal with criminals. A lot of money, resources, and the human mind have gone to control crime.

However, the crime curve continues to rise. Education and knowledge help commit a crime in much more intelligent & sophisticated ways.

According to criminologists, individuals who are impulsive are more likely to find criminality an attractive behavior. This is because it provides immediate gratification through relatively easy or simple strategies.

There are millions of people, who don’t commit a crime but they, co-operate in committing the crime. Some of them poison others’ minds, incite, instigate or even persuade others to commit a crime.

As a result of this, the atmosphere is full of crime.

How many people in the world have never committed a crime or have no criminal tendencies now? What is the ratio today, of criminals to non-criminals?

Devotees in their prayers say ‘O, God! You are Merciful. Have mercy on us because we have been committing sins’

How to Control Crime?
There is no known remedy except what is already been used. That is the police, courts, laws, etc.

If we spend half of what is spent on military, police, and law and order, on moral & spiritual education, the world would be much much better place to live in.

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

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