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Human relationships are infinitely complex and tricky to manage and hence they need immense patience, understanding, acceptance, acknowledgement and engagement.

We are living in a world where most of the people are caught up in their own lives and their problems which, to them, are big issues. But if we look at the larger picture, we realise that what we expend so much of our time and energy on is really a trifle in the journey of our life, and even more insignificant in relation to the events unfolding on the huge stage of the world, or the universe.

For example, take the case of a small child who has been left with his grandparents by his mother for a couple of days. Now, if he keeps on thinking that how his mother left him alone and how she no longer loves him etc, then he would start feeling that a big vacuum has been created in his life and this may make him feel sad, lonely, weak and miserable.

However, in reality, all these feelings are a creation of his own thinking. So, instead of thinking everything in a negative manner, if he adopts an unlimited attitude and looks at the larger picture, he won’t be shaken by such an event.

For, he would remember that everyone has to be independent one day and no human is going to be with us forever. He would also remember that there are thousands of children whose parents are working and they have to stay alone without any choice. Such positive thinking changes our consciousness from a limited one to an unlimited one.

Remember! It is up to us whether to have a universal attitude towards everything or a narrow attitude to make our life miserable. It is up to us as to how we take the little inconveniences we face in daily life or the problems that crop up in relationships.

Such an attitude helps us to remain stable in the face of all the challenges that life brings our way. It also helps others around us as it enables us to come out of self-centred or selfish ways of thinking and to think of the universal good.

Source:- Free Press Journal

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