Guiding Light: A Dream for a Better World

Better world

We all dream for a better world where there is peace, happiness and harmony. However, when we look at the present world scenario, we come to the conclusion that certain things have gone wrong and we feel that something is definitely amiss. We infer that there have occurred some lapses on our part that have led us to our present state of increasing mess.

It is either our ignorance of the principles of happy living that holds us away from our cherished goals or it is a willful violation of certain basic laws of life and living in a society that has led into this sorry state of affairs. Else, how would we explain why we are sinking ever deeper into the marshland of poverty and pollution or into the morass of corruption and crime? In spite of achieving the highest-ever level of scientific and technological development, yet a good percentage of our people are still living in a state of trauma, tension, the turmoil of poverty, squalor and disease.

Real happiness has only illusory existence in our life and deep and lasting peace has become a thing of the hoary past which finds mention in some of our legends only and in tales of yore. Our managerial skills have become so sophisticated that we can run mega­-industries and multi-national corporations and yet we are unable to manage ourselves, as a result, we find our families and our society continuously struggling for their existence.

We can command very large armies and administer vast populace in ever-expanding cities because our administrative skills have now attained a state of the art and yet we cannot control our sense-organs, our volitions and impulses and organise our own mind. We have achieved a great fund of knowledge and learning methods of human resource development and yet we find that there is a steep downfall in civil life and deterioration in human relations and there is only make-believe love and showy co-operation with expectations of return.

In short, there is increasing environmental deterioration, economic stagnation in advanced countries and unemployment, inflation and misery in less developed countries, hunger and malnutrition in many parts of the world and urban deterioration and crime-rise everywhere. The media and the investigating agencies are daily uncovering mind-boggling cases of corruption. Do these things not point in the direction of either our ignorance of basic laws of happy living or to such actions on our part that contradict certain essential principles of life? Else, how can we explain our present predicament? (to be continued…)

Source:- Free Press Journal

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