Guiding Light: Being a Resilient Soul

Resilient soul

For many people, spiritual beliefs may tremendously influence their outlook on the world, offer solace in turbulent times, or provide support from a like-minded community. These beliefs may thus contribute to resilience and well-being and result in improved force readiness and performance. In simple words, resilience is the potential of something to absorb and recover from any change to its form.

With respect to people, it is the ability to maintain internal equilibrium, through multiple pathways, in the face of trauma, distress or disruption. When we consider spiritual resilience, we refer to the will of the spirit, the core of human resilience, and the foundation of maintaining this will and resilience is purity. Purity is a term that’s normally used to describe water and the natural environment, and not normally used to describe human behaviour or character.

However, from a spiritual perspective, purity is something or someone existing in its true and original state, a state unfettered, uncomplicated and unpolluted. It is also understanding the self to be an eternal spiritual being, and interacting with other people and the environment on this basis.

Spiritual resilience, on the basis of purity, specifically involves acknowledging personal qualities, communal resources and creating constructive goals that render people and communities to be able to actively manage difficulties, resist disintegration of capacities and find positive meaning in adverse situations. This approach to spiritual resilience has four steps.

The first step begins by holding the awareness that peace, strength and dignity are innate to every human being. This includes maintaining respect for oneself as a person of great and unique value, which is a matter of self-regard and self-respect. This pure awareness forms a positive attitude, which creates and sustains motivation and hopes as people, governments and service providers work together to achieve common goals. Their vision is of the whole – often referred to in spiritual language as a vision of love.

From this vision, we would see the strengths, capacities and culture of those whom we are supporting, and choose to act in different ways. When we see the world with a vision of the whole, we draw on the proficiencies of people, generating a sense of kinship with the world’s population. So, let us imbibe purity within us to become spiritually resilient and bring a positive change in society.

Source:- Free Press Journal

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