Guiding Light: Ending conflicts forever

Ending conflicts forever

It is a known fact that all religions, philosophies, social, economic and political theories, psychological systems, etc., are based on a particular interpretation or understanding of history. This itself is untenable or erroneous, so these systems cannot correctly trace and understand the historical roots of the problems or conflicts. In that case, how can they eradicate conflicts?

If they had understood the genesis and pathology rightly, they should have resolved or reduced conflicts. Similarly, all religions, philosophies, etc., are based on some presumptions that have not been validated by rational or practical proof. These presumptions or presuppositions are in conflict with those of other religions, philosophies, etc. So, instead of solving, they add to conflicts. It needs to be understood that every conflict can be ended, narrowed or reduced by appealing to a value.

However, if that value is not accepted on good reason and faith by those systems or methodologies, the conflicts too in the outer world cannot be ended. For example, if a system of thought does not invariably adopt non-violence in its methods and instead is based on the belief that violence is justified to end violence and establish peace, how can it establish an order of non-violence?

People expect the state to end many conflicts, but how can it end conflicts if the state is itself an instrument of coercion and violence? Moreover, one important thing is that all conflicts ensue from improper or incorrect relations with oneself and others. They are also due to clashes of ego or self-interests. So, if these problems of ego and selfishness are not solved, how can the conflicts at other levels and in other forms be resolved?

The system and method, applied as a solution, should not give rise to another problem, even if they solve one or some of the problems. Otherwise, it would mean only replacing the problems. Moreover, all problems and conflicts have to be dealt with together and simultaneously.

Else, they will remain because they are so intermingled that many will remain if one of them remains. It is in this context that we should understand the importance of true spiritual knowledge imparted by the Supreme, value system, interpretation of history and an all-out methodical effort as it does not have these flaws. Under Supreme’s direct and indirect guidance alone, such a four-fold endeavour can and will end all conflicts forever and can and will usher in the proverbial Golden Age.

Source:- Free Press Journal

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