Guiding Light: One Satguru

One satguru

In India, the tradition of following a Guru dates back to many thousand years. In fact, in Hindu society, it is often believed that a person who dies without a Guru has led a useless life. That is why devotees flock to gurus and have staunch faith in them. There are many kinds of gurus in the world. Some of them are considered to be messiahs sent by God to redeem humans.

If we look closely at all these beliefs that surround many gurus, we can see that most of the beliefs or claims are exaggerated or ill-founded. Some gurus are even seen as avatars of Lord Krishna, Lord Shiva, and some goddesses and some also claim to be God in persona. In the Bhagavad Gita, it is said that God comes to liberate all human beings, even the sages and gurus are uplifted when He comes.

So, in that sense, no human being or anybody who is in a human body can be a guru, because guru is the one who gives liberation (Mukti) from all bondages of this world. Remember! Gurus can impart the knowledge of the scriptures, but Almighty Supreme who is the Satguru, he tells us the essence of all scriptures. He reminds us that we are souls and as His children, we are originally like Him in virtues and powers. He tells us that by remembering Him we can absolve our sins and claim an inheritance of purity, peace, and happiness for many future births.

At present, negative vibes and feelings seem to be ruling everyone’s mind, and as a result of which souls are unable to find permanent refuge in religion. The learned souls are themselves confessing to the lack of power and are internally looking for a hopeful sign from above. Hence, all these symptoms are pointing towards that auspicious time when HE the Supreme himself plays the role of a Guide and leads all the souls on the true path of Liberation in Life.

So, let us all connect with one ‘Satguru’ who alone can show us the real light, leaving aside all other mediums.

Source:- Free Press Journal

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