Guiding Light: Review of Goals a must to have a Peaceful World

Review of goals

A study of the world’s recorded history gives conclusive evidence that there has constantly been a bitter or bloody strife over the last two-and-a-half millennia. This strife may have been social, economic, political, religious, militaristic, or any other kind, but it was often buckled by a claim that it was for a noble goal or a just cause. For instance, the historic class struggle that was waged by various countries in the past claimed that its goal was to get economic justice for the millions of deprived and exploited workers and establish a classless society where people would have freedom from basic wants.

As a reaction to this, the capitalist countries or communities waged a relentless struggle, claiming that their goal was to give social, economic, and political liberty to all sections of society. They also promised freedom to all individuals to own private property and to have a profession or run a business of their own choice. Similarly, those who are now waging a struggle to reserve government jobs for the scheduled castes and scheduled tribes, etc., claim that they are fighting for social and economic justice for the weaker and backward sections of society.

Now, even if we suppose that the struggle waged by the above-mentioned groups or individuals or by others mentioned in history has been for a noble goal or a good cause, the question arises about the means used to achieve their professed goal. Have the means adopted in each one of the above cases also been worthy?

Looking at the historical facts, one would find that some of these struggles or protests indulged in gory acts of bloodshed of hundreds of thousands of people. They created a deep feud against the capitalist world, thus leading to large-scale armament build-up. Similarly, the strategies and the approach and means adopted by militants have led to great strife and led to killings, abduction, and fear.

So, the analysis of events of history leads us to conclude that if we wish peace for ourselves and the world and if we aspire that the bloody strife should end, then we must first review our goal and see if it is really correct and noble. Then we should double-check whether our means also are noble. Let us remember that the means are as important as the goal.

Source:- Free Press Journal

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